Apr 27, 2007

summer feeling


Wow, what a beautiful weather we had last week! And the forecast for next weekend sounds perfect. So, no time for blogging, I'm gonna sit outside with a cold drink and read the new magazines I brought home from the shop. Have a nice weekend too.

Apr 23, 2007


I just love it when the wisteria is in bloom!
It's a pity, no birds in the little birdhouse this year.

wisteria/ birdhouse

"April 2007"

"February 2007" What a difference!

Apr 18, 2007

felt cakes

little felt cakes

Reading other blogs is one of my favourite things to do. Since I discovered them just a few months back, a whole new world is open up for me. Especially the blogs about crafts our such an inspiration. So when I saw some cakes on the turkeys feathers blog, I immediately wanted to make them. Her link to the tutorial on crafster made me very happy. These cute little cakes are the result! I wrapped them up and now they are waiting as a present to give away.
Sssttt, they don’t now yet, but they probably wait forever. I like them too much myself!!

felt cakes

Apr 13, 2007

new stockings


Today I went to a fair called "creative above 50". People show their hobby’s and crafts with real enthusiasm. It’s amazing how many different hobby’s are out there, and how creative the people are. I bought these stockings. I can tell that they are knit, but don’t ask me how! But they sure are lovely and warm on my feet.

Apr 12, 2007

Be charmed

charmquilt  (not finished)

I started this charm quilt about 10 years ago. I still working on it so now and then. But mostly it lay’s in the closet for months, or even a whole year. It’s not that I don’t like it anymore, but I have so much other projects going on. And I try to use every kind of fabric once. That means I need lots and lots of different scraps of fabric and sometimes I just don’t have enough. If I see a nice fabric I take the scissors and cut a little corner out. So everybody is warned!!
I use fabrics of the same colourrange to make the stars. And use the light fabrics to connect the stars together.

I sew the quilt by hand using backing papers, see photo above. It's real time consuming.

back quilt
This is the back of the quilt. If everything is sew together I take the papers out.

Another little problem is that I haven't decided yet how exactly the borders should end. Do I use half stars to make it square? Our use a solid colour?


If somebody has any idea how to make an end to this quilt please let my know!

Apr 5, 2007

little star


This star is made from the same pattern that I used for the star quilt in my blog's header . It's a keyhanger, and it looks real nice on the cabinet,(we call it servieskast in dutch). The starquilt is not yet finished,(i have a little problem with it!). I talk about that another time. Maybe someone can give me the solution!


Apr 1, 2007

new blog header

I believe I'm the only one who visits this blog. That's oké, because I have to admit, it still feels a little bit awkward to have one. I made a picture header on top of my blog, and wow was that a challange. It took me some time but now I know a lot more about html, settings and templates . It's fun to play with, I change colors and fonts again and again to see the effect of it. So don't be surprised if you decide to visit me for a second time, there is a chance that things look differend!!