Oct 6, 2010

send me the pillow that you dream on; swap

Please come over to dutch sisters to read all about our new swap!

Just click on this button above.



toss pillows said...

What do you mean by the swap? I didn't get it. You mean your gonna send me my favorite pillow back?

stamphappydee said...

Hi Corry, can you please send me the pdf file for your adorable angel? I gave up trying to download it.
Your work is very inspiring!
Thanks very much!

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Tim said...

Coll stuff.

Boekenstek said...

Wat een leuke blog zeg. Ik ben net volger geworden. Zou ik in je bloglist mogen staan met mijn blog? http://boekenstek.blogspot.com/ Uiteraard voeg ik je dan toe in mijn bloglist.
Ik hoor het graag. Groeten, Pleun

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Mari, Tenerife (España) said...

Hello Corry, you´ve got a very beautiful blog, I enjoyed it and I´m your new follower. I visited Netherlands three years ago and I fell in love. I would go every year but it´s no possible. I invite you to my blog. See you soon...

John Green said...

Great Ideas, Thanks for Sharing

Celebrity said...

I'v got it.

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Anonymous said...

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