Feb 3, 2010

all partner emails are sent!

After a very busy with work and swap week
i'm taking a brief moment to sit calm behind the laptop
and give you an update on the spring swap.
Heleen and I are overwhelmed with the high number of entries.
Including a few first time swappers and a lot of non- blog swappers
All 112 partner emails are sent out now.
So, if you haven’t received an email, please contact us.
Because there are many non- blogger participants in this swap
we had the idea to open a flickr photo group
so every participant has a chance to add swap photos
for all of us to enjoy. Please tell us if like this idea (or not).

blauwe druifjes
 Grape hyacinths for an early spring feeling.
Have fun swapping!
And I hope to be back tomorrow!


blueberries in the fields said...

hello Corry, i was hoping to participate in your swap but i guess it is too late ? i am reallysad, but i hope all participants will have fun sharing ♥
i am having a giveaway in my blog, you and everybody who read my comment is welcome to participate.
i really love yourcheery and lovely blog. i put you in my favs.
have a lovely day !

Anonymous said...

I think a Flickr group is a great idea!
Your flowers by the way are beautiful!

4smartmonkeys said...

I think the Flickr group will help out for all the non bloggers, good idea.
Thanks for putting all of this together!
Darn, I didn't get Jeannie :)

nicolette said...

Great idea to open a Flickr group! And thanks for organizing this swap!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I think a flickr group is a great idea. I'm horribly nosey and I'll want to see what everyone made! :)

I love the flowers. I'm really feeling 'spring flower excitement' with all the buds popping out!

Bertie said...

Oh Blauwe Druifjes, I do miss all the beautiful flowers you can buy in the Dutch Flowershops, they are very expensive in the UK, and not presented like this!!

Good luck with your swap.

Cerejeira said...

Hi girls thanks for organizing this swap.
Can't wait to get started.

lheurebleue said...

oef! wat een werk. nu even rustig bijkomen ...

Anonymous said...

Yes a Flickr group would be a great idea. Lovely flowers! :)

Lee said...

since I finally figured out the flicker stuff, i would be ok with a flicker group for this swap.

Karin said...

Ik ben niet into swapping, but wel into blauwe druifjes!


Borboleta Serrana said...

I didn't receive your email confirming my inscription. Here you have my email and my blog:
I think the flickr is a great idea!
Thank you

REBECA said...

A really great idea! Thanks for doing all of this. :)

Myriam said...

Ik vind het een goed idee, maar moet dan wel even uit zien te vinden hoe het werkt!!

La vie est belle a salon said...

I agree, it's a good idea to my a flicker group although I thought know how it works but I'm sure it isn't something complicated :)
Mooie blauwe druifjes. Ik heb ze zelf in het wit staan!

Catswhiskers said...

Thank you so much for organising it all. I have sent my first contact to my SWAP partner and am waiting her response. She does not have a blog.
It is a good idea to show all the ladies work and a sort of 'get together'

carole ann said...

Great idea, the flicker group will let everyone see what is going on, especially as you said the blogless ladies. Have found what I am making, cannot wait to get started.

Me said...

I've never used Flicker before, but this little push will probably be all I need to get into it. Bye the way, thanks for all the work organizing this. Its all so exciting and I'm so nervous, cause I think a lot of quite talented people are participating...Its really ups the ante!!

Cozy Little House said...

Oh, I love grape hyacinths!

Meertje said...

Lente!Blauwe druifjes!
Bloemen! Groen Gras.Heerlijk!
Ik kan de sneeuw niet meer zien.
Groetjes Miriam

Anonymous said...

a flickr group is always a good idea ;) and yes, thank you for taking on such a big job organizing it all.

Marga said...

Wat mooi die blauwe druifjes en zeker nu het weer weer wat aangenamer is. Ik heb ook meer dan genoeg van de kou en de sneeuw.
Ik vind zo'n flickr group wel een goed idee, lekker meegenieten van wat andere maken of gemaakt hebben. Zeker doen!

His said...

A Flickr group is a very good idea, all the swaps in one place :) By the way, I'm very happy with my swappartner, thanks!

Valentina said...

Thank you so much! I love the Flickr idea, :)
...but the 'druifjes' ... sigh!