May 27, 2010


...May is almost past, just in time for this months calender page!!


Thank you'll so very much for your congratulations
and sweet words on last post good news.
I didn't start on the baby quilt yet, but I have a plan for the pattern..
and that counts as half the work is done, right!!

Alfabeth quilt
(picture from patchwork book) 
I'm thinking ABC, alfabeth, numbers....
And here are most of the fabrics I'm gonna use.

baby quilt fabrics
Because my daughter wants to re-use the crib they are 
almost similar as the ones I used for Luca's babyquilt.


Enough babyquilt update..
A few weeks ago I saw this lovely tin at AH grocery store
and I couldn't resist buying it.

gorgeous tin

I quicly went up my mothers attic (again) and filled it up with beautiful wool.

yummie wool
Since I crochet my first granny square I'm hooked.
I can't help myself...crochet grannies is one of my favorite things to do right now!

block 1

I'm using Lucy's wonderful methode.

This is it for now, I'm off. Hopefully I'll see you again soon.
I'm sorry for neglecting you.
I'm so, so behind reading your blogs to see what's keeping you'll busy.
I believe there are more than 650 posts waiting in google reader for me!!
Oops..that's a lot!!


Willeke said...

The grannyblanket looks great.
Oops, 650 posts to be read...good luck!!

The Garden Bell said...

So, so glad to have a new grannie lover around. What wonderful colors you have to start with.

I really need to start using the google reader more. Great idea. I'm still working off my blog, which can be a challenge for me to keep up.

Have fun with you new love,
Kate - The Garden Bell

Anonymous said...

Hi Corry, lovely to have you back!!
Vivienne x

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Oh my, 650! :D I'm glad your back...I've missed your posts! :) That baby quilt is going to be wonderful! I love the tin...I wish we had an abundance of cute/pretty stuff here... :)

I like making small grannies and flowers's just fun. :)

Artesanías en lanas e hilos said...

I loved your blog, very colorful, it's beautiful! very nice your crochet
not English, use the google translator, I hope you understand.
Greetings from Uruguay!

Leslie said...

The grannyblanket is Amazing!!! Everything here is beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend corry

lheurebleue said...

jaja, dat is het heerlijke van oma zijn dat je zoveel leuke projecten kan bedenken ...
je quilt wordt vast heel mooi!

Sarah said...

Your quilt is going to be so lovely. You have the pretties fabrics. I think The Netherlands must be a great place to shop for fabric. I wonder if I could pop over and load up on fabrics?!

Lien said...

Wat een geweldige deken ik vind het nog steeds moeilijk om de blokjes netjes aan elkaar te maken. En I'm in love with your tin. Wat een schatje is dat.

lifeinredshoes said...

You find the best stuff! Is that some Cath Kidston fabric I see?

Lucky, lucky, baby.

nicolette said...

The alphabet blanket is gorgeous!

Can‘t believe May is nearing it’s end already. Such a crazy month with all those holidays.

Love your tin and the blanket!

Judy said...

It's going to be so cute, I can't wait to see it done. I haven't done any granny squares in so long...Very pretty colors. I have been neglecting reading blogs too but I don't think I have quite that many to read.

Corrie said...

Wat een prachtige wieg Corry! Prachtig met het quiltje dat erin ligt en het zal ook met de nieuwe weer een plaatje worden. Heerlijk hè onze eigen Appiewinkel, ze krijgen een steeds leukere nonfood-afdeling.
Fijn weekend!

Mary Ann said...

Your granny squares are so pretty!
I also follow Lucy and her wonderful adventures!
Can't wait to see your baby quilt finished!

SofiAlgarvia said...

It's healthy to have a break from this virtual world, once in a while, Corry. Don't worry!

The fabric you've choose for the baby quilt is lovely!

Annemieke said...

Dank je voor de link naar Lucy! Ik heb zo zitten piekeren hoe je dat gedaan had. Je dekentje ziet er erg mooi uit. Ik hoop dat je nog heel lang blijft haken:)

Marianne@Songbird said...

Heerlijk dat je weer aan een nieuwe baby quilt kunt beginnen... Dit wordt vast ook weer een hele mooie (de quilt dan, de baby wordt natuurlijk perfect).
En ja, dat grannie haken is zo leuk, maar ik ben helaas niet zo productief als jij, dus ik ben allang blij dat ik mijn eerste deken af heb. Ik ben bang dat het ook wel eens de laatste zou kunnen zijn. We zullen zien.

Creative Breathing said...

Corry, It is so lovely to have a post from you again. I wish to add my congratulations to your good news on expecting a new grandchild. What a lovely quilt keepsake you have made already. Love your Grannies! You can never have too many! Have a lovely summer! Elizabeth

Michaja said...

Leuk dat je er weer bent. Je babyquilt gaat helemaal goed komen aan de stofjes te zien!
Groetjes Michaja
p.s. Succes met het wegwerken van je achterstand. Ga je toch niet echt doen toch???

julieQ said...

Such lovely projects...I especially love your granny square afghan...wonderful!

Entre Nous said...

That baby quilt is to die for!

AshTreeCottage said...

Can't wait to see the new baby quilt!! Love the grannies too!

Susan and Bentley

lifeinredshoes said...

Corrie, just looking at your creations makes me clap my hands!
I love the fabric, the baby bedding and the tin. So fun:)

dining room table said...

To start with, the colors are nice and nice to they eyes. I wonder what the quilt looks like.

Meggie said...

How exciting for you... another baby! I get very clucky when I read of babies. I long for another to fill my nanna arms!
Happy sewing!XX

Julie said...

Congrats on the new baby! And what a cute pattern for a baby quilt!

Айшенур said...

Very beautifully!

CESCLO2 said...


Anonymous said...