Mar 26, 2007


I have a closet full of unfinished quilts and other projects. I keep them behind doors so I don't have to think of them all the time, and feel quilty!
But once in a (long) while I open the doors, get on my knees and see what's in. I take everything out, one by one, and spread it on the floor. I even come across projects I entirely forgot I once started them.
Usualy this session ends in a big pile on the floor with me sitting in de middle. Than I put everything back in the closet and close the doors.
And all of my unfinished work waits there patient for the next time I bring them a visit.

sterrenquilt in wording

starquilt in progress


Brooke said...

This is exactly what I do...but I don't quilt. I pull out my lovely fabrics and patterns of things I intended on sewing and become so inspired by them that I choose to do another project entirely! Which I probably don't finish...and add to the pile in the closet and then pull it all out again another day and my story starts over and over....

Jeanne said...

I hope the star quilt doesn't get shoved back into the closet. It's very pretty. I do the same thing with my UFOs. However, I do have them listed on paper now by category so I can just check that once in awhile.
Love your blog!

monica said...

it's beautiful!!!

please don't lock it away!!

Maria Jové said...