Nov 27, 2007

the winner is......

I'm feeling overwhelmed, I recieved so many wonderful comments. Thank you all for visiting and leave comments!
They all went in the hat and Heleen had the honor to put her hand in and pick one out.


Drum rolls please....... the winner is......


Hmmm...oké, looks like you need glasses for this one but really it says; Deb from somebody's mom. Congratulations Deb, there's a parcel coming your way!
For all you people who like to know what is in it, see photo below.

knitted star

The knitted star, I did hang some beads on.
I'm working on a pattern of this star (in english) for a tutorial.


See these two dollcribs? They are made by our son in law, aren't they adorable? He's so clever, he can make the most beautiful things out of wood.


The crib needs a dollquilt, how about using these fabrics? All I need now is a lovely pattern!

calico garden
photo from this book; enduring grace - quilts from the Shelburne museum collection

I love this quilt!! Maybe not suitable for a dollquilt, but it sure is for a babyquilt!!


Jeanne said...

Corry, the little cribs are darling! Your DSIL did a wonderful job in making them. The Calico Garden quilt is one of my many UFOs. Isn't it a gorgeous quilt. I think it would be the perfect size for a baby quilt.

Felicia said...

Love that pretty knitted star!

Sheri said...

The little cribs are darling.Please post another picture when you get the quilts in them.

gwen said...

Congrats to Deb. What a lucky girl!
This crib quilt is gorgeous, I have the book too and I have been wanting to make it too. Now I will be able to have a look at yours first!
The small beds are wonderful. This man is really talented.
Take care.

Kieny said...

Congratulations to the winner! Lovely cribs and fabrics. I'm looking forward to your tutorial.

Tanya said...

Those cribs are precious and I look forward to your next project!


pink-petal-designs said...


Mirre said...

Those cribs are so lovely and with quilts they will be absolutely adorable!

Ravenhill said...

Pretty cribs and the quilt is stunning! I am sure you will make beautiful quilts for the cribs and I will be back to check them out!

Levin (and Emily) said...

i love the dolls cots - i can imagine that they will be even more beautiful once you have made quilts for them. you two could make quite a team and make lots of children happy!

Kathy said...

I love the doll cribs! Very cute and all the more special because they were made by hand from someone you love! Have you seen the yahoo groups home page for your Shelbourne Museum quilt pattern? I found it through Froncie Quinn's website (Hoopla) where there are many photos of quilts made by other quilters using the same pattern. (I love that book too!)

Yummers! said...

I've been out-of-town so am behind in comments. But, I love the hanging star! What makes it so special is the hanging beads... especially the hearts... love hearts!! What an adorable touch for a room.
Hugs, joni
PS The cribs are darling. You have a talented son-in-law.

meggie said...

Congrats to Deb.
Love the knitted star.
Also love those dolly cradles! I wish we had a handy man in the family.
Nice idea there for the doll quilt.

Guðrún said...

Those dollcribs are so cute and the fabrics will look great in a little quilt in the white crib.

Meggy said...

An adorable quilt to say the least. I love the knitted star too. :)

Annie's Abode said...

Those little cribs are gorgeous - how clever! I would love to see your finished quilts - the fabrics are gorgeous too.

What a sweet little star - will keep an eye for the tutorial.


Euphoria said...

Love that knitted star- can't wait for the tutorial!

I love those fabrics- I'm sure that you will dress the cribs with gorgeous doll quilts!

Cece said...

Hello, I just discovered your lovely blog this evening and I've enjoyed it so much! My husband is of Dutch descent (We are Richard and Cece Van Doren) Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely blog! Those doll cribs are so adorable! Does he sell them I wonder?