May 12, 2007

"Bold and almost beautiful"


I already wrote in a previous post about all of mine unfinished projects/ quilts. They are stock away behind closed doors, out of side out of mind? No, not really.
When I think of some of these quilts and on the number of years I’ve been working on them, I get a bit desperate. Will I ever be able to finish even one of them??
It’s about time to do something about it, so I made a schedule. Started with this Quilt.

I've got three of these blocks to go!

It’s an appliqué, all done by hand ( that alone takes time).

back of the quilt

Each week I have to do a certain amount of work on it. And if I do so according to my schedule I will finish this quilt next year September. That’s something to look forward to.
So, I better start working than!!

P5120783 P5120815
Old book were I got the pattern from


Jessica said...

this quilt pattern and the pictures of your progress you posted over at flickr are really beautiful.
I hope you're able to keep at it. I know how frustrating it is when the project just doesn't seem like it will ever end..
good luck~

Felicia said...

An excellent goal! It is so pretty that you'll really enjoy working on it.

Rose Marie said...

Oh yumm ... this block looks great! Can hardly wait to see all the blocks together.

the wine makers wife said...

What a treasure!! I can not blive the amount of hand work you are doing. Amazing!

Nicole said...

Your applique work is just gorgeous! I love the color combination of blue and yellow too. What a beautiful quilt this will be.

Anonymous said...

Great looking quilts :)
I think my mum would like your blog as well, I'll send her a link.

Laura said...

So beautiful! I love the colors and fabrics you have chosen. I love applique but it sure does take along time doesn't it.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

that sounds like a plan to me. I think I need to get more organized about what specifically needs to be done with each, well not all my ufo's, the internet could not hold them

Karin said...

Beautiful! I wish you good luck. Now I´m going to look at your other blog posts.

CatLady said...

Your work is beautiful. I hope that one day I'll have time to try something like this.

JuLaender said...

I love your blog. Beautiful things here. Congrats.

Beth Ellen said...

Very nice work. I admire patchwork. My mother is very good with quilting. I will send your blog link to her as she might enjoy stopping by. I will as well.

Beth Ellen said...

Ps. I don't know why when you choose the "other" category it won't show my blog address?

Beth Ellen