May 1, 2007

Notebook cover


We just had the perfect weekend. It's still nice weather, no rain yet, so we have to water the plants on time to prevent them from drying out.
I made this cover for a notebook last saterday, when I was sitting outside enjoying the sun. The little basket with apples are in cross-stitch from a pattern that I found in an old samplerbook. The fabrics that I used are from kaffe fasset. I had some leftovers from an other project. I think the result looks lovely, (though I say so myself).

notebook front

notebook back
Notebook back


Felicia said...

Pretty notebook!

kristin said...

it's wonderful!! love the lively colors :)...and that cross-stitch book with the tree has really caught my eye...looks like one i would DEFINATELY try!

Beata said...

You're right...very lovely!

Stitching Pink said...

I love this!