Jul 22, 2007

France fabrics

The Provence is located in the Mediterranean side of France and is one of my most favourite camping destinations because of the abundant sunshine, wine, markets and the scent of lavender. The landscape is beautiful and there are many old towns and villages to visit. And it's especially fun (not for DH) to discover places where they have fabric stores!
Two of these I want to share with you because you can buy there the most gorgeous france fabrics.

1.) Tarascon a town with a Historical town centre and a midieval castle.
In Tarascon is the Souleïado museum that exhibits the famous Provençal fabric. It is in a 14th. century building in the center of town. This traditional cloth is still being manufactured by the Carles Demery factory and is exported throughout the world. Next to the museum is the Souleïado store. Beside table and bedlinens they have a large colection of fabrics that are great for quilting.

Photo%20112_1 indienne%20de%20nimes2 Photo%20049_1 the museum

2.) 6 kilometres of Tarascon is a little place called Saint Etienne du Grès. It's a small, picturesque village in a quiet and magnificent countryside. It's a nice place to walk around and enjoy the beautiful views.
In the little village is the factory of les olivades established. There is a shop next to the factory where they have the most pretty fabrics. Some fabrics they sell for special prizes!

cord les Olivades the factory and store

Les Olivades
Chemin des Indienneurs
13103 Saint-Etienne du Grès

fabrics from france
My purchases from last years visit. I really love those fabrics, they are so bright and colourful!
I hope to visit those stores again sometime!


dot said...

Beautiful fabrics. I don't think I could have resisted them.

Wendy said...

Wonderful tour, the town of Tarascon looks like just the place we'd love to visit. Your fabric choices are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Felicia said...

Ooo, lovely fabrics and a groovy tour :)

Rose Marie said...

What a special treat it would be to shop in these places. Lucky you and the fabrics are gorgeous!

Judy said...

I am so excited I have found some sewing blogs. The fabric is just beautiful. It sounds like a place I would love to see.

Mirre said...

Daar zou ik ook wel eens willen rondneuzen!!

Levineke said...

thank you for taking us there - i can't imagine i will ever make to france let alone holland one day, but to see it on the net is a lovely treat.
love the fabric - happy sewing

Jeanne said...

Oh, I wish someday to be able to see these places in person. Your fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the history.

Kristen Lemoine said...

OH WOW those fabrics are so yummy!!!! Can't find that in Florida :( thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

I fell in love with French fabrics and spent all my week-ends over an entire summer trying to find these all over Los Angeles, and ended up ordering them online through websites that sell them in France. I've heard about the factory store for Souleiado and have had it on my wish list to visit them for the last few years! American quilt fabrics sometimes try to imitate these designs but never come close, I just love the colors! Did you get the chance to see the cute little dolls they make and dress in traditional clothes that look like the grown up versions in the museum? I think they call them Santon dolls (?). I love your blog, so many wonderful, wonderful projects you are working on! I enjoyed seeing all of them!