Jul 26, 2007

knee trouble

Just a quick post today.
Today our son went to the hospital for a knee surgery. He injured his knee by playing basketball. Unlike him I was very nervous so I'm glad the surgery went oke. And if everything still goes oke tomorrow he will be discharged from the hospital. He has a long way to go with rehabilitation but according to his doctor his knee can completely recover. We just have to be patient.
The pictures are from a bag my mother made for him when he was about five years old.
I thought it would be nice to show it here. She made one for every grandchild. All those lovely bags are differend made and they all are many times used!

tas dirk

tas dirk


Fiona said...

The bag is lovely - so bright and cheerful - hope your son recovers quickly.

Belvie said...

That bag is so cute! Thanks for sharing pics of it.

My husband also hurt his knee playing basketball when he was about 34 yrs. old. He tore the ligiment and cartlige. The surgery went well and he was very good at doing all the exercises and therapy. Almost 20 yrs. later you would never know he had such surgery if it were not for the scars on his leg. He is good as new. Here's hoping things go as smoothly for your son.

Judy said...

The bag is lovely. My daughter had surgery also on her knee when she was 15 years old playing volleyball. Today she is 27 married and has 3 children. Today she plays volleyball and softball and is doing very well. Good luck to your son.

Nicole said...

The bag is just beautiful! So colorful and personal too. I am glad your son's surgery went well and hope his recovery is fast.

Marisa said...

This bag is amazing. Such bright colors. Really eye catching.

monique said...

Ik kwam net je blog tegen terwijl ik andere blogs aan het bekijken was.
Wat een ontzettend leuke tas!
Ontzettend fijn dat je zoons operatie goed ging, en hopelijk hersteld hij gauw.
Ik ga nog even verder door je blog snuffelen en ik kom zeker nog terug.

atet said...

That bag is lovely! The cross stitch on it is such fun and the colors are just cheerful. I hope your son does well with his rehabilitation!

Mirre said...

Such beautiful handwork!

Felicia said...

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. Your mom's bag is fabulous.