Sep 5, 2007

single socks

I'm happy to tell you that my mail is working again!! Miraculous, after four days not getting in my mailbox he decided to open up again!


There are more things in life that are a mystery. For example; single socks!
They come in to your life as a pair. Doing there job by keeping your feet warm.
You are doing your job by washing the socks on time. And then suddenly without any warning... one is missing!
Sometimes they are gone missing for months, unfindable!
After a while when you realized that they are gone forever you finally got the nerve to throw the other ones (you hold on to) away!
And then like a jack-in-the-box the missing socks pop up again!
Leaving you with a familiar problem.... single socks!

From now on I put away all single socks in a special made bag. They stay in there untill the other one shows up and they can be a pair again! So.. no more lonely socks in the landry basket.

single sock bag

The bag is made on a clothes-hanger so I can hang him on the radiator next to my ironing board.
I used the ribbon I found in the triftstore.

sock in the bag

detail detail detail detail

some details


Belvie said...

I love that bag you put your single socks in! It is so pretty.

I guess socks have a way of doing that the world over...don't they. I know the same thing happens in my house....throw one away and the mate pops up!!

dot said...

Life is certainly full of mysteries like that. I like the idea of the one sock bag.

Belém said...

That phenomena happens all over the world. Every home should have its single socks bag. And yours is so cute.

Levin (and Emily) said...

that's a fantastic idea! and the bag looks great. i particularly love the delft blue like material thats on the bottom - it reminds me of the tiles my mum and dad have dotted around their house.

by the way, i heard a theory that strange beings come down and take single socks and replace them with wire coat hangers! i don't know about you, but they seem to multiply in my cupboard.

enjoy your day

Chookyblue said...

I don't know where sock heaven is but boy there are a lot of socks there from my house pleased to hear someone else has the same you sock bag..

Rose Marie said...

I think everyone around the world has the same lament: single socks! You have a great idea for keeping the lonely ones together.

Jeanne said...

What a cute cheerful project! We keep losing socks, too, so I guess it's a global problem :)


atet said...

What a great place for all of those single socks!

Annie's Abode said...

what a great idea and so pretty - we always have the same problem!

You should make a few and sell them I bet they would be snapped up.

love a x

Felicia said...

Your single sock bag is so much lovelier than my shoe box system!

Fiona said...

You always make such pretty things - I love the delft tile fabric.

Yummers! said...

I think your idea for a 'sock-holder' is a great idea. You should get that idea patented and make a million.

The bag itself is adorable! I love your use of the wooden beads. You used them on your hanging bird and I thought they were cute then. That would certainly be a nice trademark for your handmade items.
Joni (from Yummers)

Mary said...

What a great idea and looks so great too.

Andrea said...

What a terrific idea ! A few years ago my dd (age about 7) wrote a story called "the lost sock". Even at that tender age she had become aware of this global disease of missing socks - lol ! Your socky bag is beautiful !

monique said...

What a wonderful idea!!!!!!!!
You made a gorgious sock bag.

Mijk said...

Ik heb een mandje tegen hetsokkenmonster.. Jouw idee is leuker!

Leanne said...

Hi Corry
Love the bag
It is a world wide phenomenon there are single socks down here in Australia. I have taught my kids mixed socks is OK one foot red - one foot blue!!!!!

Wendy said...

What a fantastic idea for keeping lonely socks. You done a really nice keeper to hang in your laundry room.

Anonymous said...

Geweldige sokkentas! :o)

Bij mij helaas hetzelfde probleem, ik heb de wasdroger weleens van eetlust verdacht,...

Alleen is het in mijn gezin zo, dat als de sok eindelijk weer terug is, voeten van de drager,... gegroeit zijn ;o(

Groetjes van Ingrid H.G.

Guðrún said...

Oh I do know that problem. Today there is a festival in my neighborhood and one of the things you can do is to take your single socks and try to match them with other peoples singles ;) Your bag is beautiful and a great idea much nicer than the plastic bag I use.

Sonnja said...

Wat een leuke Hollandse sokkentas.

Groetjes Sonnja

norththreads said...

So Cute!!!!!

Lucy said...

Wat een idee!! En jou single sokkenzak is geweldig!

Kali said...

yep, the dreaded sock monster strikes homes all over the world!
What a delightful and beautiful hanger bag you have it.
Kali :)
p.s. I also think the birdie in your previous post is so sweet.

Mirre said...

Love it... great idea!

Patti said...

A clever, beautiful solution to an ancient problem!

Brikebrok said...

Lovely idea !