May 7, 2009

learned new skills

Hello again,

hello me

It's very windy in Zeeland..but we have sun!!

a windy day

The weather is great for making long walkes on almost empty beaches.

empty beach

I discovered another "Zeeuws meisje".
She is bleached out of sitting in the sun for to long.

zeews meisje

I purchased some cotton yarn in a wolshop in Westkapelle

cotton yarn

And thanks to this great tutorial from Lucy of attic24 I learned how to crochet granny squares. Thanks Lucy for your clear pictures and instructions.

granny squares

That's it for now, the sun is calling to come outside.
Have a wonderful day!


Sandy Shirley said...

So happy you are having such great weather on your vacation! I'll bet you'll have the greatest suntan when you return. Take care!

Jewel said...

I love your granny squares. I was just thinking yesterday that I should make a blanket out of granny squares. I learned to make them when I was just seven years old. My mom taught me and I would make rugs.

Jackie said...

I can just hear the waves now crashing on the beach! Oh, how I long for summer. Thanks for the pictures!

Dawn said...

Hello Corry!
I've also had my eye on those granny squares! Attic24 has such beeeeeeuuuutiful colors. Makes me want to crochet an entire afghan of them.
Like yours so far!
Enjoy the process!
Dawn ♥

nicolette said...

Lovely pictures of a windy Zeeland!
Love the granny squares!

Tam said...

Corry the granny squares are very pretty! Congrats on learning something new. The pictures are beautiful thanks for sharing.
Happy crocheting!

Nadine said...

It looks so gorgeous over there on the beach!!
Very nice job with the granny squares, I like the colors. I myself have not been brave enough to try making any yet. I am terrible at following patterns, perhaps I should check out the tutorial and give it a try!

méri said...

Beautiful pictures!
The colours are great! Good shopping. Well done and go on enjoying the beach and the crochet!

cc said...

Hello, beautiful colours!
Nice work!

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Nu ook nog haken, het houdt niet op bij jullie.
Leuke kleurtjes heb je gekozen voor je deken. Zo'n vakjes deken staat ook nog op mijn lijstje om eens te maken, maar of dat er echt van komt. Ah we zullen zien.
Alvast een fijn weekend gewenst.

Guðrún said...

You are lucky to have the sun.

Eileen said...

Oh I love these girls you keep showing. Are they pictures in places? So interesting!

And you are one of the ones I was talking about in my blog today, except I didn't know it yet.. the Granny Squares! Ok.. I am going to have to start working on some too. Yours are SO pretty.. I love all the colors!
So glad you are having fun on your summer vacation get-away. and still including us!

meggie said...

How very pretty your squares are!

Levin (and Emily) said...

beautiful granny squares. they looks so bright and summery :)

Letty said...

Yummy colors and yummy granny squares, I love them!

astrid said...

Superleuk om granny squares te haken. Heb er ooit een hele sprei van gemaakt. Wat ik wel wil opmerken is dat je 1 losse in de hoeken hebt, als ik je een tip mag geven: 2 lossen is in mijn ervaring beter. Bij 1 losse heb je niet genoeg lengte om de vierkanten aan elkaar te zetten, ze gaan dan wat trekken.

Shari said...

Corry, your granny squares are so eye-poppingly cute! You have such a flair for combining gorgeous bright colors. Aren't they fun to make?!

Leanne said...

It looks like a great place for a holiday love the photo of the waves crashing on the pylons.

Anonymous said...

Nog bedankt voor de tip over "Atttic 24". ik ben nu ook fantiek aan het haken.