Oct 25, 2009

Sunday inspiration

More log cabin inspiration found on flickr

log cabin inspiration on flickr

1. My project blocks, 2. "Log Cabin", 3. Sarah's Block, 4. www.flickr.com/photos/treefalldesign/295596671/, 5. Log Cabin Quilt, 6. Blue and Red log cabin quilt, 7. Towle's Log Cabin Syrup , 8. My new quilt, 9. detail of log cabin pillow top., 10. Completed Log Cabin VI Blanket, 11. Log Cabin quilt magnet, 12. log cabin (close-up), 13. LogBag - Left, 14. Scrappy Playdate Quilt, 15. three new childrens pillows, 16. Log Cabin Cushion

Flickr is an amazing resource for inspiration, go find out for yourself!


lheurebleue said...

heerlijk om naar te kijken!

Corrie said...

log cabin heaven!!!!!!!!!! I need to get back into log cabins.,..and need my weekend again to get started!

thanks for the inspiration! can't wait to see yours

Levin (and Emily) said...

thank you corry!
i was thinking of doing a log cabin with my red and aqua fabrics and now, after seeing you display - I definately will.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Oh wow...wow, wow, wow! Thanks Corry!

That red and white one at the top is catching my eye particularly!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

It's me again... I just visited the link for the red & white one and showed my husband. He asked if it was one I made! I just laughed at him... Yeah, it's that invisible one sitting on the couch over there...

He claims he can't keep track of things like I can.... Please!

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I love it when you do these...I need to get on flickr more often. I have made a log cabin baby quilt and really enjoyed making it.
I love the colors you picked...They do give you a warm autumn feeling.

Meggie said...

There is so much inspiration every where I look! Thanks for sharing yours.

LiLi M. said...

Heerlijk die kleurrijke plaatjes, een mooie start van de week!

Karin said...

Je weet volgens mij niet meer waar je moet beginnen, je ziet zoveel moois op Flickr, ik heb er vooral "last" van met haakwerk....

Anonymous said...

Hoho !!

MEER dan genoeg inspiratie, heerlijk !!!;-))
Mooi blok, wil het ooit eens proberen.

Ik zag hier al prachtige stoffen/stroken liggen hiervoor.
Veel plezier.

marian'ne m

Beth said...

I especially like the crazy cabin quilt upper left. I'm making one, too. I like the way I don't have to plan as I go or measure my blocks and cuts. I just make it up as I sew, choosing color intuitively and snipping with my scissors freehand. How is your quilt coming along? Beth

moramargaritaster said...

Amazing log cabin!All are great.I like the color you chose.

dutchbaby said...

You chose some beautiful log cabin quilts! Here is a log cabin quilt I photographed at the Pacific International Quilt Festival:


The use of satin was very unusual. We asked one of the white-gloved volunteers to check if it was a folded patchwork or if it was stitched down. It was stitched down, but it looked like the creator chose to not iron open the seams. The puffiness of the quilt gave a great 3-dimensional effect.

Anonymous said...

heerlijk zulke foto's.
Zo inspirerend, ik vlieg van het één naar het ander.

Je blokken hierboven zijn ook prachtig, wat snel.

En een heel liefff stel staat daar ;-)

Marian'ne m