Wednesday, October 10, 2007

what's in the box.. (two)

Another week past by. This week was one of working nights and sleeping at daytime. When I work nights I never have much energie or time to do anything creative. It Feels a bit like being a mole! Almost no social life either!
I do like working nights though, it's quiet and I can follow my own routine.
And if there is time left, I do some knitting. Or my other favorite; glance through magazines and cut out 'clippings'.

I cut out clippings of pictures, patterns and other things I find interesting. I collect them in a box and when the box is full I sort the clippings out and put them in binders. This way I have my own books of inspiration!

Oh, and my knitted blanket is still growing!

knitted blanket

ps; I've been terribly behind in answering my emails. So if you haven't received a reply from me.....I'm not ignoring you! I'll open my mailbox tomorrow and start answering, that's a promise!!


Guðrún said...

Your box is beautiful, did you make it yourself? It must take a long time to knit the blanket, you have to think while you do it, at least I would have to do that ;)

meggie said...

Good way to store all those clippings of things you one day want to make!
I love our knitted blanket!

Kieny said...

I so love your colours of your knitted blanket, they look so happy!

monica said...

that blanket is something else!

Do you knit the pieces singularly and then attache them together?

de vliegende koe said...

What a great idea to make such a box. I have piles of clippings from different magazines. Would be great to organize one day! I love the Dutch houses!

Gina said...

I do the same as you, but not just magazines. I've got photo albums full of postcards and gift cards that I've bought because I like the picture. I also have a lot of garden photos because the flowers give me inspiration for my colour choices

Nancy said...

Your inspiration box is a wonderful idea, and I LOVE your knitted blanket. Such a beautiful color combination.

Yummers! said...

Thanks for the peek in your box. I clip ideas,too, and keep them in a binder. Do you ever look back and see things you thought were wonderful but now are something for the Goodwill box? My tastes change as the years go by.

Love the knit quilt. It's lovely!

Jan said...

I love the box idea for collecting all the cuttings of nice things that you see in magazines and then sorting through them when the box is full. I have binders full of projects and ideas and then when I get stuck for an idea it is lovely to look through them all. Love your knitted blanket, how big is it going to be?

Beata said...

Now that blanket is amazing!

Beata (

Brikebrok said...

A box full of treasures !

atet said...

That knitted blanket is fantastic! I love those patches!