Nov 17, 2009

A contest, a box and another log cabin

When I got the quilting gallery newsletter from Michele,  
I read about the Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest.
I love to enter this contest but to make a quilt on such short notice!?? Still working on the fall quilt.

Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest

But then it came to me. I have a quilttop, almost done, hidden somewhere.
This will be a perfect opportunity to finaly get this one finished.
So I took a dive into the cupboard and found this box

what's in the box?

Bits and pieces Christmas fabric, most are from the the eighties and nineties.
Probably also the last time this box was opened.

bits and pieces

Here's after I neatly folded the fabric swatches.
Isn't that a lovely pile?

Christmas fabrics

Here is the quilttop. It's a log cabin (again). I stitched the stripes on a background for this one. It needs borders, a back and quilting.
Final submissions to enter the contest is December 7, 2009

December log cabin

I think best thing is to use the machine for quilting.
So I can hopefully finish just in time.
Keep my fingers crossed!


Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I love it! I especially like the you alternated the red and green.

It seems you whipped that one right up...

Good luck with the contest!

grey rabbit said...

It 's wonderfully christmasy!How nice that you released it from the confines of its (rather pretty) box! Good luck with the finish Corry, you should win hands down.

Wipso said...

It's beautiful and maybe it was the nudge you needed to get you to finish it. Good luck. A x

Tabiboo said...

Beautiful colours Corry and even I'm starting to catch the Christmas bug!

take care,

Nina x

Valentina said...

How Lovely Corry, I think the time for this quilt has come and it will be just lovely... I wish you enough time to give it a 'great finish'!

Katy said...

Oooh, Christmas, yay!! What a great quilt! I was inspired by your boxes to create my own box of bits ( you know you're an inspiration to debutants like me? ♥

Annette said...

Wow, it's beautiful!!

Rhondi said...

Hi Corry
What a wonderful surprise to find stashed away in a box. I hope you get it done on time.

Anna said...

You are amazing, love the christmas feel of your quilt and the little duckling!

Anna x

Celestial Charms said...

Oh, you have to love that ducky. So cute.

Willeke said...

Very nice quilt, duck and box too!

Tam said...

This is a VERY pretty quilt Corry!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is just gorgeous. Hello from Belgium.

marina said...

Your christmas quilt looks just gorgeous! Definitely puts you in the festive mood. Who said nothing good came out of the 80s and 90s?

Anne Marie said...

did you just whip that up?

goodness!! I can't even sew a hem on my skirt - I leave it 'raw' lol

LiLi M. said...

Wat een gave doos! En dan wat eruit komt! Ja ik duim voor je dat je hem bijtijds afhebt, hij wordt prachtig!

Creative Breathing said...

Corry, Even your quilt fabrics from long past are just wonderful! I love your little duck on your fabric pile. Oh, the Noah's Ark finally returned! I will photograph it so you can at least wee it. Have a lovely weekend! E

Jessie At Home! said...

That should be lovely!! Do use the machine for quilting, I just hand quilted a quilt with a due date, and it was way too stressful. The machine is your friend!

Anonymous said...

It looks bright and happy - run for the finish line as it will be worth it. I will be checking back here to see what you achieve. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Lee said...

Heel Mooi It will look fabulous and a sure winner

Marit said...

Your quilt is lovely! These classic patterns and classic color ways are timeless. Love how you organized the lights into green and red. Have fun quilting it and good luck in the contest!

Elly said...

Alleen de doos is al een lust voor het oog! Ik vind het heel bijzonder dat je na al die tijd toch nog zin hebt om die quilt (die overigens helemaal geweldig is!) af te maken. Bij mij raakt dat op de komt ooit-nog-weleens-maar-dan-niet-stapel en dan zie ik weer allemaal andere nieuwe dingen die ik wil, en tja, dan zou dit helemaal onderop belanden. Dus...petje af en ik hoop dat je het redt! Het is echt een plaatje!

Owl_mania said...


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Claudia said...

What a nice quilt!!! These boxes of old fabric....:)) should check them more often :)!

Greetings from Berlin Claudia

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