Nov 22, 2009

Sunday inspiration

I went shopping yesterday and brought the new Marie Claire idees back home.
This issue is really, and I mean really beautiful.
It's packed full with the most wonderful inspirational idees.

Marie Claire idees

I've taken some pictures to show, so you can see for yourself.

paper angel

I love the paper made ornaments.
They look so simple and yet so very pretty.

paper christmas trees

Cute deer ornament.


And don't you just adore this sweet crochet pink teacozy!!

crochet teacozy

There's so much more. I better hide this magazine from 'moi'
 before I start making more and more ufo's! I'am the queen of ufo's, you know!

I start machine quilting the Christmas quilt. And as you probably see it looks terrible.
So I removed all the stitches and decided to hand quilt.

Christmas logcabin

But I make large stitches with a large needle so that works real fast!
This way I hope to be on time for the contest.

Christmas logcabin
ps. If you like 'speculaas' go over to my sisters blog. she is holding a yummie giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Je logcabin wordt erg leuk zo! Heerlijk, al die Kerst stofjes bij elkaar, en de grote steken passen er ook goed bij.

Susan said...

What cute projects you found in the magazine! I really love that little teapot.
I like how your quilt is coming out. It has happened to me many times, that I started to machine quilt, ripped it out, and quilted by hand instead. Some quilts just really WANT to be hand-quilted, don't they?

Anne Marie said...

I used to love making crafts with those 'fasteners' as shoulders, knees.....and that gives a great idea for Christmas with the kids for school - to make an angel - with clip art and their drawings -
thank you SO much Corry!! for sharing

Sandy Shirley said...

Your quilt is wonderful! I love your choice of fabrics!

Tabiboo said...

I love Marie Claire Ideas - my friend Katy that lives in France sent me a copy back in the Summer and it is a gorgeous publication.

There are some fantastic Christmas ideas,

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,

Nina xxxxx

lheurebleue said...

ik heb hem ook al, ik kijk altijd reikhalzend uit naar een nieuwe MCIdees. En heb je het leuke nieuws al gelezen? hij gaat vanaf volgend jaar elke 2 maanden verschijnen!

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Your quilt is beautiful! And I love the paper goodies from this magazine!

grey rabbit said...

Love that paper dolly and it would be so easy to make ! I think my grand daughter would like one of those. Marie Clare Idees always looks a great place for inspiration but sadly I've never seen it on sale here in England. So thanks for giving us a look at your copy !
Your quilt is coming along nicely Corry,it's a shame you have to hand quilt it, hope you can make the deadline without blistered fingers ! Susan

LiLi M. said...

Hier ook een enorme fan van de MCI, ik lees hem vanaf nummer 8 en ik zie dat dit geweldige nummer, nummer 75 is, dus tel maar uit! Ik vind het zomernummer altijd het minst leuke, gek hè? Maar van deze heb ik weer heel veel inspiratie opgedaan! Je kerstquilt wordt ook mooi!

nicolette said...

I have the Marie Claire Idees too! It’s lovely this time!

And your Christmas quilt is gorgeous! Love all the fabrics, they’re so cute. You’re right to choose for the handquilting! Good luck with finishing!

Elly said...

Die hertjershanger en die theemuts zijn echt helemaal geweldig! En wat je quilt betreft, er gaat gewoon niets boven handwerk! Duurt dan wel wat langer, maar het staat wel héél mooi!

Heidi said...


Mag ik vragen hoe je dat abonnement hebt geregeld? Op vakantie in Frankrijk kocht ik ook een exemplaar van de marie-claire idees. Wat een tof blad!

XO Heidi

Suzanne said...

Hoi! wat leuk dat je ook de mc idees leest. Ik heb net de krans van vilt gemaakt, met dat paars. Zooo mooi geworden. Hopelijk doorstaat ie de storm vandaag!
dank je voor je geweldige blog, ik word er altijd vrolijk van!
Groetjes, Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Ik kan geen Frans maar dat blad lijkt me heel erg leuk, vooral al die papieren ideetjes!

Barbara said...

Well I wish I could find the book in the states, I love the tea cosy, not that the other projects are very nice, I collect teapots, so the cosy drew me, BarbM

Jenni said...

I *heart* the deer decor! Might need to think about deers for jewelry making...Cheers!

Celestial Charms said...

The lovely paper doll and the tea cozy have me drooling over here. So very pretty. Thanks for posting them.

Anonymous said...

Er staat iets voor je op mijn blog!

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing your magazine with us. Such wonderful things to see. Your quilt is just lovely and I can wait to see it done. I have taken my Christmas quilt to be machine quilted and I sure hope I get it back soon!

Shasta said...

Your log cabin is beautiful - I wish my old fabric was as pretty! Your angel bag is great also. I think I should make one of those.

Creative Breathing said...

Corry, I wasn't sure by your Blog list if you visit The Happy Zombie. If you haven't taken a peak, you must! She uses very traditional patterns as you do. Your Christmas Log Cabin is beautiful. Inspiration always to be found here! Elizabeth

Mrs te said...

Hi I'm Sue (Mrs Twins)
I'm visiting you for the first time. Elizabeth (C. B) said I must come over and check the crocheted tea cozy out! Isn't it simply gorgeous! I just love to crochet I've even warned my husband if he stands too near me I' ll cover him with crochet! The design is so......pretty I just love everything about it. Must try to get this magazine. I've enjoyed Reading your blog very much I hope you ll allow me to become a follower of yours! Thank you so much Elizabeth for recommending me to Dutch Blue .you are most welcome to pop in for a cup of tea! x

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

The hand quilting looks wonderful! Good luck on finishing!

We don't have a wonderful Marie Claire like that over's more a fashion magazine here. :(