Nov 25, 2009

not an exciting post

There's nothing exciting going on here. I'm still making stitches on the Christmas quilt.
Almost ready for the binding and then it's done, yes!!


Today it's grey and dark outside. Not the perfect light to make pictures.
And to leave this post not completly whitout photo's,

I thought I would show you some that were already on my camera.
These are small cross stitch motives made by my mother in law.
I have them hanging in a frame.
Heleen used these motives for making ornaments.
Oke, not exactly the same but they look alike!

3. 4.
7. 5.
2. 6.

I love old cross stitch motives.
Here are more gorgeous pictures (found on flickr) where I didn't have to use my camera for.
In this mosaic are beautiful projects made by other talented people.
See the links to go and check them out.

flickr inspiration

1. p i n c u s h i o n, 2. Leaves and berries papercutting (40cm x 55cm), 3. Crocheted hearts blanket, 4. Bottle Cap Pincushion #317, 5. Colorful Crafting with Jen: SnoBuddy Family from Knitting at KNoon, 6. mary jane stockings, 7. first quilted cushion, 8. petit cross stitch, 9. Detail, 10. Bracelet, 11. Buck, 12. Christmas Fairy Bunny brooch, 13. HOUSE BAG FOR A SWAP, 14. Embroidery details, 15. Itty-bitty quilt, 16. Button for the "o"

To end this post here's a photo from a project I'm working on with  my own two hands.

folklore nine patch

Not the best picture, but as I told you it's grey and dark outside!


M. Regina said...

Beautiful works. Hugs from Brazil

lheurebleue said...

zoveel leuks alweer. mijn handen jeuken om aan de slag te gaan.
heel bijzonder die afwisseling van + en x bij de kruisjessteken.

RosaMaría said...

dont worry about the pictures, your work is amazing! beautiful ornaments and i love those nine patch! greetings from México!

carole ann said...

I love that nine patch, beautiful work. I have always loved counted cross stich but never had the patience for it. Your MIL's work is also wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Prachtige kruissteken! En die mary jane stockings zijn ook leuheuk!

LiLi M. said...

Ja, wat een weer hè? Echt herfst. Ik noem dit altijd pepernoten weer, de hele dag is het donker. Echt weer om bij de kachel te zitten en te wachten tot Piet iets naar binnen gooit, vandaar het pepernoten weer.
Helaas, ik zal zelf nog naar de Spar moeten. Ik stel het al de hele dag uit...Licht of niet, je kan toch wel zien dat je quilt prachtig wordt!

grey rabbit said...

Oh ! another one and its lovely! I am overawed by both your inustry and the quality of your work.
Love the little cross stitch too !

Salted River said...

Hello from France!
After a rough day of work, I wanted to have a pleasant break and as every day I have a glance to my favorite quilters'blog. I'm not very happy when you leave no post, it's one of my pleasure! and today I was so surprised to see my mini quilt on your mosaic! thanks a lot.
This year I have no time for blogging or quilting, I work again after seven years of it's hard, not to have time to visit all my favourite blogs, and to embroide or quilt! that's why I visit your blog every day because I love your works, your pictures, your fabrics and every thing you post about Holland I'm fond of.
So...see you tomorrow! and thanks again, my pupils love the mini quilt.

Anne Marie said...

Hi Corry....and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

I always enjoy coming here....

She'sSewPretty said...

Corry~ You amaze me with the amount of sewing you get done! That quilt is going to be another beautiful one.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog several times. I think your english is excellent and I get a lot of inspiration from your projects. I do not have time to try any of them or anything similar but I do love dreaming over them. thank you.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I think it's a fine picture...I love that! Especially how you fussy-cut those flowers for the centers!

I love your flickr picks!