Nov 19, 2009

touches of red

The border is just about done and I found the right
fabric for the back that matches perfectly.

found the right fabric for the back

I made another gingerbread heart.
This one is a larger version of the ones I made last year.

gingerbread heart

It so much fun to create something new out of old stuff!
The brown piece was originally a small table cloth with four embroidered corners.
It came from a triftshop. I'm making  the last heart from the last leftover corner.
So, that was one small, old tablecloth well used, I would say!

sewing a heart

Because of a few days off from work I can get a lot of sewing done.
Here is another red angel bag. The same as last years angel bags,
only this time I used a pink and red roses fabric for the lining and added a silk rose.

red angel bag

To end today's post I show you what came in the mail yesterday.
It has nothing to do with today's post title but I'm so happy with this Mary Engelbreit 2010 calendar. I bought this at Amazon.

mary Engelbreit calendar 2010

I'm off now, have to get my Mexican flu shot this afternoon, brrrr!


Jackie said...

Corry, You are really in the holiday spirit!1 I just love how your quilt is turning out. Just beautiful and the heart is gorgeous. Isn't it great to have a few days off from work?

Wipso said...

Hi Corry. Thanks for dropping in on my blog and for your lovely comment about my little Fairy Bearies. I really love your Angel bag. That is so cute. A x

Marianne@Songbird said...

Ok dan, Ik zit altijd enorm te klooien bij het maken van een hartje met een kantje erin verwerkt. Ik zie dat ik het helemaal verkeerd aanpak. Wat fijn dat je hier laat zien hoe jij zo'n hart in elkaar zet.
Weer wat geleerd. Dat engelentasje is trouwens helemaal te gek. Ik neem aan dat je het engeltje ook zelf geborduurd hebt.
Groetjes, Marianne

RosaMaría said...

i love your "red" work! and that calendar is sooo cute!... and about the shot... salud!

Lesly (aka Shadrach Meshach and Abednego) said...

Love that gingerbread heart! So cute!

Tabiboo said...

Your angel bag is gorgeous Corry - it is the first time I have seen one.

Have a lovely day,

Nina xxx

Willeke said...

Wat ziet dat er allemaal weer leuk uit. Ook de kalender. Laat je iedere maand weer het nieuwe plaatje aan ons zien? Zalig om een paar dagen vrij te zijn en dan lekker te kunnen naaien en borduren. Geniet er van!
De flu-shot valt erg mee hoor, ik heb 'm al gehad, maar toch sterkte.
Groetjes, Willeke

Christy said...

You make such pretty, pretty things! I love the bag and the ornament. I'm a fan of Mary Engelbreit too! Her art is so happy!

Megan said...

I love the ginger heart! I was going to ask if you sold your items and then I saw the link to your etsy shop. So beautiful!!
And I love your photos, everything is so bright and lovely!
Megan in Arizona, USA

grey rabbit said...

It's all lovely ! You made great use of your time off work. What I want to know is how you fit it all in ? making so many lovely things, family, work, housekeeping you make me feel very lazy!
The quilt is looking fabulous, love the border and that backing fabric is perfect, looks like a winner to me.
The little angel is lovely and somehow very you, very Dutch!
the heart is pretty and I WANT one of those calendars quite a lot !
Susan x

Julie said...

Your quilt is so cute and the back is just perfect! You find the cutest fabrics.

trudette, said...

Wat maak je toch een mooie orginele dingen.
Dat tasje is echt schattig.
Sterkte met de griep injectie.

LiLi M. said...

Heerlijk zo een paar dagen lekker creatief aan de slag te kunnen! Ik vind je hartje top, je quilt en het tasje natuurlijk ook! Ben benieuwd of we elke maand weer een kalender pagina te zien krijgen... Leuk Mary Engelbreit!

Jenni said...

Darling Gingerbread heart..gets me in the spirit to start baking!

moramargaritaster said...

Love your red work.

Anna said...

Oh, I love that angel bag! You are so clever!

Anna x

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Oh I just love what you've been making. I'd say that tablecloth has had a fabulous life! :)

I must be missing a battery or something, because when I have 'time off' I don't even get 1/3 as much done as you...

Anonymous said...

Prachtige stofjes zo bij elkaar.

Je hart is weer mooi.
Nooit zulke stof tegen gekomen en wat een slimme manier om het band te stikken.
Maak al bijna een halve eeuw kleding etc. en hier nooit opgekomen.

Enig tasje en leuke kalender.

marian'ne m

Rhondi said...

Hi Corry
Your Christmas quilt is looking great and I like the fabric you chose for the back. What a darling angel bag you made. Mary Engelbreit is a favorite of mine and I know you will enjoy the calendar.
Hugs, Rhondi

lheurebleue said...

wat is het toch altijd leuk bij jou op bezoek te komen!

carole ann said...

That quilt is so pretty, love the bright colours and that angel bag is adorable. You have most certainly made good use of your time off. I usually have to catch up on laundry or something....

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Corry, you make such absolutely incredible things! I've been trying to get myself in the "sewing/crafting mood" all day long, and can't seem to get myself into the right gear. Seeing such beauty spurs me on!

La vie est belle a salon said...

Ben helemaal jaloers op jouw ongeloofelijke gevoel van creativiteit en handigheid. Heb nog zo veel te leren.............
Jouw blog komt dan ook als geroepen!

cathleen said...

Everything is so red and pretty...but that little angel is pulling at my adorably cute!!!!

Maggie Ann said...

I just happened by, blog hopping from sidebars and love your work. Oh that log cabin square in reds is out of this world pretty. You are very talented! btw, Happy Thanksgiving!

sewkalico said...

That is the most perfect background! It's looking great!!