Jul 31, 2007

found treasures

Thank you for all the nice comments on my last post. Our son is back home from the hospital and I'm happy to say that he is doing very well.

We temporary placed a bed in the livingroom for him and I practice a bit of nursing. Not that he's waiting for his mother to do so but hè, I'm his mother!

I almost finished the little quilt that my mother arranged see this post

And I've been busy sewing some crazy nine patch blocks using my lovely french fabrics for the
Dollquilt challenge August


Last saterday I went to a triftstore and found some great stuff. I was very lucky this time see pictures below.

Ribbons.... love those colors!

P7280849 P7310886
P7310888 P7310889
P7310890 P7310891
These hand embroidery patterns are on one long piece of fabric and originaly made as a wallhanger. I don't know yet how I will use them, maybe in a quilt?

Petrus regout Maastricht
And finally this blue plate for my blue china collection. This one has a label on the back from Petrus regout Maastricht. It cost me five euro's, don't think that was too much, do you?


Levineke said...

what a beautiful quilt on your son's bed and what a beautiful plate! I also like to collect blue things and i have been lucky to get some delft pieces from my sister who lives in holland.
your thrift store finds are wonderful - i just love second hand shopping - seems like an environmentally friendly thing to do and you can get some absolute treasures.

Judy said...

I am so glad that your son is doing good. Seeing his leg brings back memories for me with my daughter. Your quilts are so beautiful. I only hope that mine will turn out so lovely. I think the embroidery piece would look nice in a quilt.

Jeanne said...

I'm happy that your son is home and doing well. He has a lovely quilt under him and all of his techno necessities nearby. The plaid quilt is very nice and so are your embroideries.

summer pickles said...

Glad to see your son is doing okay (poor thing!). I love your thrift finds and can't wait to see how you incorporate these into other works...
The quilt you are working on with your mum is terrific - love the red tufting!
Hannah xx

Fiona said...

Your doll quilt looks great in those French fabrics - and what fantastic thrift finds.

atet said...

Those French fabrics look fantastic -- and those ribbons are great! Glad to hear your son is doing well.

Belvie said...

So glad all is well with your son. He seems to have the necessities close at hand...computer and food!

You have so many nice pictures on this entry. I love your thrift store finds, especially the dish...blue is my favorite color. I also like the crazy 9-patch. Hope you will post a pic when it is complete.

Anonymous said...

Fijn, dat het goed met je zoon gaat!
Maar ik moet je heel eerlijk bekennen dat ik meteen naar de quilt keek en niet naar zijn been,....
Prachtige quilts, en mooi servies,... Verzamelen, ja,.. daar houd ik ook van,...

Fijne avond, groetjes van Ingrid H.G.

Mary said...

Hope your son recovers quickly

Leanne said...

What a lovely quilt for your son to recover on. I love the younger generation your son will be set for days computer, mobile phone and a mother to bring food.

Felicia said...

Glad you've got him tucked up comfortable on that beautiful quilt!

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a beautiful blog. I've just found you and shall return. I hope your son is progressing well.

Sonnja said...

Hallo Corry,

Wat een mooie quilt ligt er op je zoon zijn bed en de gruite quilt vind ik ook heel mooi.

Groetjes Sonnja

Mirre said...

I'm so jealous of your thriftstore finds!! That ribbon is gorgeous!!

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Hallo, ik ben vandaag voor het eerst op je blog wezen neuzen, en het is prachtig! Wat een mooie dingen maak je! Ik heb al helemaal weer inspiratie gekregen...
Dat blauwe bord heb ik ook, maar dan in het oud-roze (staan wel ergens op mijn blog), en ik heb er wel veel minder voor betaald, 1 euro per stuk, ik heb er ook platte borden en ontbijtborden van. Ongeveer twee jaar geleden gekocht bij de plaatselijke kringloop. Maar een zoon en mijn man vinden het roze wat 'vrouwelijk' en , aangestoken door de verzamelkoorts, besloten ook servies te gaan sparen, maar dan in het blauw. Wat ik trouwens ook heel mooi vind! Dus, daar ben ik nu ook naar op zoek.
Ik zal zeker nog vaker op je blog kijken,
Groetjes Mama Lieveheersbeestje.