Aug 17, 2007

found it!

doll cradle

Here is a Picture of the doll cradle I was telling you about in this post. I found it at last in a closet on the attic behind all the campinggear.
Sorry for the fact that it's a bit of a blunt shot. I admit.. I'm certainly not the worlds greatest photographer! And I had to shoot the photo with a mobil phone because there wasn't another camera around! That's one thing to put on my wishlist a "digital camera"!
On the cradle lays the finished little checker and stripes quilt.

I also finished the quilt for the August doll quilt challenge this week.

August doll quilt challenge
I sew this little quilt on the machine and hand quilted it.

August doll quilt challenge (back)
For the back of the quilt I used a french fabric that is printed with birds and flowers.

August doll quilt challenge

The pattern is called "crazy nine patch" and it was so much fun to make.
Now that those two projects were done I was searching for something else to do. I could pick up one of my ...... ufo's, but I was in the mood for something new!
I got some inspiration by looking at my small collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Kaffe Fassett /Rowan fabrics

And made this applique tree.

sampler tree

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Fiona said...

Beautiful Doll Quilts - and the little cradle is perfect for showing them off!

Sonnja said...

Wat een mooie doll quilt heb je gemaakt.


Levin (and Emily) said...

oooh I love your applique tree.

I can relate to your camera problems. I couldn't find ours the other day and after a week of searching I found it in the wine cupboard. Naturally all the children deny putting it in there. hmmmm

Your doll cradle is beautiful too!

and so is your quilt. could you perhaps come to Australia and teach me how to quilt??!!


Belvie said...

That doll cradle is beautiful and so special because your grandfather made it for you! It is just lovely with the quilt.

Leanne said...

The cradle is so sweet. I love the applique tree.

Steffi said...

Fantastic doll quilts!You are really creative and you have a very beautiful blog!


Judy said...

The quilts are beautiful. I love the bright colors. The cradle looks like a treasure.

Mary said...

The dolls crib is beautiful as are the quilts.

Rose Marie said...

Those doll quilts are sweet and love your applique tree!

Lucy said...

Wat een geweldig poppenbedje met quilt. Prachtig!

atet said...

Your doll quilts are lovely! Those french fabrics are truly stunning. I can't wait to see what you do with your Kaffe Fasset applique piece!

Jeanne said...

Love your doll quilt and the new applique tree! Your Kaffe fabric bundle looks like enough to inspire you for some time.

Brigitte said...

I like your site and your style of quilting. I discovered that you seem to love the Fassett fabrics (I am a great fan of his style) and wondered if you could be interested and take part of a Fassett sampler project. Have a look at
and if you like you may find some more Fassett pics on my blog


amandajean said...

I love the little applique tree. I think I need a collection of Kaffe
Fassett fabrics!

maaike said...

Hoi Mam,

Je site is echt super!
Ga zo door.

Groetjes, maaike