Mar 26, 2007


I have a closet full of unfinished quilts and other projects. I keep them behind doors so I don't have to think of them all the time, and feel quilty!
But once in a (long) while I open the doors, get on my knees and see what's in. I take everything out, one by one, and spread it on the floor. I even come across projects I entirely forgot I once started them.
Usualy this session ends in a big pile on the floor with me sitting in de middle. Than I put everything back in the closet and close the doors.
And all of my unfinished work waits there patient for the next time I bring them a visit.

sterrenquilt in wording

starquilt in progress

Mar 20, 2007

A star is Born

patchwork ster
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I really like projects that (without putting in much effort) immediately give a nice result. This eight point diamond star seems difficult to make, but it really isn't. For this star I used a pattern that I came across an old Quiltingbook. The technique is simple.

1. sew fabric strips together to make a block.
2. cut eight star points out plastic coated freezer paper.
3. iron the points on the blocks.
4. cut out with seam allowance.
5. sew star points together and "ta da" you got a star!

This is also an excellent way to shrink your scrap pile. There is only one problem, what to make of this block!

Mar 19, 2007

I have a blog

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It took me some time to figure it all out. But finally I did it!
It's working, I got my own blog. I hope this is just the beginning of a long journey full of nice crafty things and thoughts to share.