Mar 31, 2009

squares will do it for me

As always... when i'm looking for something new to do, and i can't find what it is i want to do, eyes are seeing squares only.

They see retro squares.

retro squares
photo from the book: creatief bezig zijn voor de vrouw

Squares to build an animal.

doggie squares
photo from the book: creatief bezig zijn voor de vrouw

Square paterns.

square paterns

So guess what my eyes saw in these fresh fabric rolls...

lapjes uit de lappenmand

Right they saw squares!


And nine squares make a nine patch.

nine patch with a dutch twist

My favorite patern... yes, squares are definitely do it for me!
Have a lovely day!

Mar 24, 2009

not much going on

Although there is not much to blog about just a few words to let you know that I'm still around. Keeping myself really busy, not one day goes by that isn't packed with things to do. Unfortuanly non crafty things except for this stitchery from Lynette Anderson Noah's arc. It's far from finished there are a few more months to go. Take a look at this group, here you can see many beautiful (finished) noah's arks.

noah's arc

Thank you for the fine advice on the birds issue from last post. I bought a new birdhouse so now the birds have a choice on where they want to build their nest. Maybe another couple will move in the second house?

new bird house

And to celebrate Spring I bought some primula's.
Now I only have to wait for Spring weather!


Have a nice day!

Mar 17, 2009

blogging again

Thank you for your expressions of sympathy. I want you to know that all your kind words and thoughts are very much appreciated.
After days of sadness it feels good to put all my energy back in crafting and blogging again. It also takes my mind of things. So does cleaning the house and bringing home new spring flowers!


We have nice weather that makes me want to go outside
while some birds want to come in. Like this little guy
..he is trying for three days now and still won’t give up!

pimpelmeesje wil naar binnen

If he's looking for a place to build his nest...just around the corner hangs the perfect house. Maybe I have to hang out a better sign!

for rent

Talking of birds..i can’t stop making these feathered creatures.

making birds

I also start making a new doll

new doll

And while browsing in some old Ariadne’s I spotted this lovely couple in typical Dutch costumes.

uit ariadne juni 1987

What a great cross-stitch pattern to use with the red- blue- white fabrics.

rood wit blauw

I hear ticking again. The little bird is back...could't be that my windows are so clean, so spotless that the bird thinks he can fly right through?
Spotless, my windows..yeh right!..haha

Mar 7, 2009

Just a few words to tell you that I'm not be able to blog or respond on mails en comments for now and the next few days because of very sad family circumstances.

Mar 3, 2009

What a little green can do!

Just a quick post to show you what all that green can do to me. It made me want to make green birds!

green spring bird

green spring bird

And a red/ pink one too!

red/ pink bird

Lets see of all that green can also let me do some domestic tasks around here!

Mar 2, 2009

March already!


February went by so fast...already we're into the third month of 2009! According to my calender March is the month that spring starts. Well I can't wait, i need some sunshine, some warm weather!
How i do love to see the colorful crocuses, tulips and hyacinths coming through again and green leaves and blooming plants and trees..oh, yes i do!
So if you also in need for some green inspiration, go check out Flickr. It already feels a bit like spring!

green flickr inspiration

1. Green, Green, Green..., 2. New Leaves Brooch, 3. green and yellow, 4. Weevle, 5. Linen & Lace Matryoshka Bag, 6. Envy Cat, 7. my favourite apple, 8. 1019 (for brent), 9. three green corsages, 10. Patchwork skirt for Annie, 11. sage polka dot dachshund, 12. Virkat virketui!, 13. Plants for busy people: Cactus (the other side), 14. Ode to Maids In A Row, 15. Flower Garden Patchwork - 10, 16. mostly greens

Have a creative week!