Aug 29, 2007

creative mom

Another week has past...time certainly goes fast!
First a thank you for all the lovely comments I recieved on my last post. For those how asked me to write down the knitted star pattern; I'll think it over. You see the problem is I'm dutch and writing knitting instructies in english???? I don't know all the right words. But when I have a try at it, I let you know and will post it for sure!
I’m still busy knitting, I think I got the knitting virus real bad this time. I'm reading all these wonderful inspirational blogs, it must be contagious!

knitting a blanket

I knit star points and sew them together. I want to make a blanket out of it, a sort of patchwork blanket from wool. I'm still using soedan wool. My mother has two banana-boxes filled in all kind of colours that I'm free to use. So there's enough to keep me going for a while.
My mother is real enthusiastic about my blogging experiences. When she's at my place she always want to check out my blog and the blogs from others. She herself is a very creative woman, to bad she doesn't know the first thing about computers! Because she sure has lots of creative blogging material! She and her house, that's packed with all kind of books and crafts material keeping me inspired all the time!

These old (1958) Italian patternbooks came from a secondhand bookstore. Mom bought these a few years back and recently gave them to me. I never knew she had them! They are full with great patterns to make dolls and stuffed animals. They are made from felt and fake leather. I'm sureyou can make them in fabric too. I didn't try one out yet but I did found a little handmade doggie that looks just like the one in the book.

Italian craft magazines

craft magazines

craft magazinecraft magazine 2

dog pattern pattern

The four books above have instructions written in Italian. I can't read italian but the pictures are very clear and understandable.
The book below is written in dutch so maybe its wise to start with a pattern from that book first!

little doggie

At last....If I ever got tired from all the knitting and wanna do something completely different..... I can always make wine! Maybe not enough for a whole bottle, I'll be satisfied with one glass!

Aug 21, 2007

knitted star

knitted star 2

A few weeks back when I was doing some shopping I saw a lovely little knitted star. It was because of its bright colours that it strike my eye. I couldn’t decide if I should buy it or not, I already spent enough money that day! Yes… that’s me, can’t shop without buying. I always come home with something, usually things I don’t really need. And my common sense said I didn’t need this star! So I left the shop without buying.
But the star didn’t left my mind! I thought why not give it a try, I know the basics of knitting. So I picked up some wool and knitting needles and got started. Well, I can tell you now, it wasn’t easy at all! It took me a long time before I even had one star point knitted that could get my approval. I was trying over and over again! Did some looking up in the books how to increase and decrease. I thought I knew, But no...ehh, I didn't!
Finally I had the first star point successful finished.
The rest after that was easy and fun.
I can use this star as a pinncushion or make it a hanger.

star points basket with soedan wool

I used soedan wool and knitting needles size 4.5
It was a long time ago since I used the knitting needles, but it felt good. I'm in for some more knitting!

knitted star 1

Aug 17, 2007

found it!

doll cradle

Here is a Picture of the doll cradle I was telling you about in this post. I found it at last in a closet on the attic behind all the campinggear.
Sorry for the fact that it's a bit of a blunt shot. I admit.. I'm certainly not the worlds greatest photographer! And I had to shoot the photo with a mobil phone because there wasn't another camera around! That's one thing to put on my wishlist a "digital camera"!
On the cradle lays the finished little checker and stripes quilt.

I also finished the quilt for the August doll quilt challenge this week.

August doll quilt challenge
I sew this little quilt on the machine and hand quilted it.

August doll quilt challenge (back)
For the back of the quilt I used a french fabric that is printed with birds and flowers.

August doll quilt challenge

The pattern is called "crazy nine patch" and it was so much fun to make.
Now that those two projects were done I was searching for something else to do. I could pick up one of my ...... ufo's, but I was in the mood for something new!
I got some inspiration by looking at my small collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Kaffe Fassett /Rowan fabrics

And made this applique tree.

sampler tree

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Aug 9, 2007

Calico bag makeover

calico bag 3

Underneath this bag hides a simple calico shopping bag.
The kind of bag you sometimes get for free at the store.
They often have names and logo's printed on them. If you don't use those bags anymore than this is a great way to recycle, it's easy and quickly done.

calico bag

step 1.
unstitch both sides of the bag so that the bag will look like this
(photo below)


step 2.
Sew fabricstrips,lace and ribons on the right side of the open bag so that
the whole surface is covered.

step 3.
Close the bag again by stitching both sides.
Turn the bag and .......


calico bag 1 calicobag 2 calico bag 3

You see it's so simple as can be !

Aug 6, 2007

trip around the world

We had a lovely hot, sunny weekend and therefore I don't have much to show here. I spend all of my lazy time outside doing as little as possible! It's just so nice to be outside again after a very wet July!

trip around the world
Trip around the world in my backyard. (Trip around the world is the name of the pattern.)

This tablecloth started of originaly as a quilt. I made the top years ago but after that was done I didn't feel much to quilt it anymore. So I choose the easy way out and sew a backing fabric against the top and .... there was my tablecloth!
Now I use it on my table outside. So when the sun is shining, like it shines today it gives me that extra summer feeling!

Have a nice day, until next time, now I'm off again for another lazy day!