Jan 30, 2008

lack of motivation

It's true, quilters are inventive people! I've recieved some really creative and usable suggestions on what to do with my bleached out quilt. Thank you all! I've thought each advise over and over and I've decided to follow the suggestion that several of you gave to finish this quilt off and accept it as it is. And for the more ink pens for me!
Lately I'm not so busy with sewing and crafts as I want to. Partly because I've other things to do and partly because of my lack of motivation. I managed however to do a little more sewing on the handkerchief blocks ( I want to make a tablecloth out of these blocks). The blocks are on the floor of my craftsroom...for some time now.

handkerchief fun

Luckely I've my own crafts room and I can close the door. That way nobody is bothered of all the mess I make! I'll give you a little glimpse around...
For things to pin on, for inspiration and to remember adresses I use these pinboards.


I've a small sewingtable in front of the window, perfect for natural light. The table looks bigger though when it's not so messy!
For blogging etc. I have a computerdesk made by my husband.

sewingtable computer desk

for music books

I like to listen to music while working. It's an old radio but with stereo sound! The books on the shelf are mostly quiltbooks. They are used for inspiration.


Here are some of my fabrics. I keep them in a closed dresser so that the colors won't fade out. I try to stash them color by color and usually there are more fabrics going in then there are going out (lol).
I'm very happy with my room, it's a place I spend a lot of time in. Hopefully I get my mind on sewing again soon. In the meanwhile I better tidy up my sewingtable!

Jan 22, 2008

bleached out

blue-pink-red sampler quilt

This is my blue-pink-red sampler quilt. I digged this one out the closet to show it to you and ask for your advise. It's one from my early quilting years. Today I still love the colors and fabrics I choose then. I also like the different blocks and quilting patterns. And I love to bring this quilt to a good ending.....if only I knew how!
It doesn't show on this photo....but I have a major problem!

blue-pink-red sampler quilt

To trace the quilting patterns on the fabric I used a special inkpen. The ink supposed to come out with water., not this pen!! I don't know what went wrong but all the ink lines are bleached out. Did I leave the ink on to long? Did I use the wrong pen? Well the harm has been done, see photo below!

blue-pink-red sampler

What to do?? I even thought about cutting the quilt in smaller parts and leave the bleached parts out. What do you think? I'm a bit desperate on this one. So If you have any suggestions are ideas, please tell me I really want to know!

Jan 14, 2008

handkerchiefs fun!!

Even a dull an simple activity can lead to something inspirational.
Last saterday I was in this store for buying some good old fashioned underwear when my eyes spotted something colorful.
Some lovely handkerchiefs, and the best part is, for a budget price!


The only thing was, they were made of "not" the finest quality fabric. I thought if I machine washed them on a hot program and put them in the dryer they would be oke to work with. But still, I could see right through!
So I decided to cut them in to 5cm stripes with the rotary cutter.


And sew the stripes on a background fabric. I used there for squares of onbleached cotton.

sewing stripes on background

After sewing the stripes on I cut the squares diagonal in half.


I like the way it turned out so far, yummy bright colours...lovely!

Christine from Auntie's quaint quilts nomanated me for the "you make my day award". Thank you Christine!
Now its my task to nominate 10 other wonderful bloggers. There are so many its hard to make a choice. There for I give you all a "you make my day award", because you are making my day!

Special message for May Britt: I'm working on my WISP, I do. There are so many people already on your list that have finished off WISP's, hope you can put my name on that list soon.

Jan 9, 2008

Points please

I mean coffee points. I need lots of them for these "ooh sooo gorgeous" china.
I saw these in the DE brochure and I fel in love! This china is designed by Pip porcelain and I desperately want it!



See the little bird on top of the teapot, such a lovely detail!

On monday I recieved a very nice suprise in the mail.
Levineke from i wanna be crafty did sent me a parcel with some wonderful gifts. She sent me this as a thank you for the bag I sent her a few months ago. She didn't have to do this, I wasn't expecting something in return. She is so kind ! Thank you Levin!


I recieved a beautiful calendar with Australian landscapes. Four different flavors of Australian tea, can't wait to taste them!


A quilting magazine, my first Australian one!

made by Emma Jansen

The magazine contains patterns and photos of the most beautiful quilts. I totally adore this Lone star (above) and the Dresden plate (below). Both quilts are made by Emma Jansen. I love the way she uses colors and design.

made by Emma Jansen

My fingers are itching to cut up my Kaffe Fassett fabrics and start a new quilt. But I'm restraining myself, finish my January challenge first!

Jan 6, 2008

Two sisters and their dream

This is a picture of Heleen and me sitting in front of the tv on a Saterday afternoon.
We just came out of the bathtub, fresh and clean, wearing flannel pyjamas made by our mother. I'm the oldest one (left) eating an apple.
Two little sweet! There was a time we didn't do many things together because of the age difference of four years. That doesn't seem much but when you're a child it is! Since we past that period ages ago we get along just great. The two of us have pretty much the same interests and hobbies. We both like to keep ourselves creative busy by making things. And we both like to shop and go thrifting.
For some time now we have a dream, opening our own store where we can sell self made goodies and our great thrifting finds. But with a busy life and both our jobs it probably will be a dream forever!
But a little shop on the internet...that must be manageable! So we decided to give it a try.

And after spending a free Sunday afternoon behind the computer we are proud to announce that our little shop is open!


Dutch sisters * little shop *
Please feel free to check us out! It's a beginning, we soon put new items on.

For now I'm off, quilting the starquilt for the january challenge.

Jan 4, 2008

January- finish it up month- challenge

I was catch up with blog reading when I came across the post on Nicolette's blog about the January finish it up month challenge. The idea came original from Kim and May Britt made a challenge out of it. (Go read all about it there!)
Well...and a challenge is maybe just the thing I need to get me going again! I haven't done any serious crafting lately. The idea of the challenge is to post a picture of your unfinished project before. And later a picture of the project after it is finished.

star quilt in progress

Oké, here is the before photo. It's a star quilt machine sewn and almost complete. It's a quilt I started in my early quilting years, measering 130cm by 130cm. For the back I used different blocks of fabric. I think this little star would look lovely on the couch.
So I'm gonna look for my hoop now and hope I can show you a picture again before February!

star quilt in progress

Have a nice weekend!