Mar 25, 2010


I'm so

matroushka spaarpot

just a quick post today. We're going away for a few days and be back on Monday.
Heleen and I hope that you all sent your spring swap parcels out the door!
If you haven't are have troubles regarding the spring swap, please mail
Dutch sisters. I've seen already so many beautiful and lovely crafted gifts!

This matroushka photo has nothing to do with this post what so ever...
just a colorful picture. For the Dutch readers...
I bought this matroushka at the blokker.  it's a small moneybox.
Before I go...I like to point out these two lovely ladies.
They are having a blog giveaway.
Vivienne from greenrabbits designs and
Nichole from the happy wren studio.
Happy weekend!

Mar 22, 2010

First monday in spring....

and Easter is comming soon.
I like to make some Easter decorations myself this year.
 Not sure what to make, yet. I like to use these fabrics
 think I need to add some yellow.

make some Easter decorations these lovely yellow tulips.

yellow tulips

I'm usually not so fond of Monday mornings...I'm a slow starter.
But this morning started of really wel!
I've got a wonderful surprise in the mail send to me by sabine from Smila's World 
She thought I would love these fabulous ribbons..and she was so right.
I do love these a lot!! Thanks Sabina! 

fabulous ribbons

Granny update:
I've decided that 100 grannies are enough to make this granny blanket.
So I started crochet the border and I think I'll end with scallops as finishing touch.

crochet a border
Have a good start to this week

Mar 19, 2010

Friday's inspiration

In Holland we call it a prikbord. In English you say a  pinboard.
But when you hang your crafty bits and pieces, postcards,
 magazine clippings etc....on it then it become an inspiration board!

pin board

More inspiration boards found on flickr

inspiration boards

1. noticeboard_4, 2. Inspiration board, 3. childhood tapestry, 4. Inspiration Board: vintage, 5. My Inspiration Wall, 6. New Inspiration Board, 7. Untitled, 8. Inspiration Board, 9. closer view, 10. where i do some of my work, 11. i heart inspiration, 12. my pin board, 13. mypinboard, 14. my kitchen inspiration board, 15. w o r k [ s p a c e ], 16. anthropologie craft room window display 2
How about you? Do you also collect things that inspire you?
Do you have a prikbord, or pinboard too?
Wish you an inspirational weekend!

Mar 18, 2010

It felt like Spring...

The weather was lovely today...
temperature about 16 °C.
feels like spring is just around the corner.

spring tulips
And talk of Spring..... there is a deadline coming up!
We hope you're making progress on your projects for your swap partners.
Remember that the mail-out deadline is just a few days away.
Because the postoffices are closed on a Sunday, 
 Monday 22th of March will be the last day to ship your items to your partner.
Many of you did already sent and received their presents. 
And photos from the "Dutch sisters spring surprise swap"
are slowly showing up and there are some truly creative and amazing crafts.
Check them all out in our flickr group.
!!! Call for Jeanette, please contact your partner or dutch sisters!!

spring surprise swap
If you're having troubles or questions regarding this swap or
if you haven't heard from your partner, please send a mail to
Succes ladies and have FUN!

Mar 17, 2010

must be my lucky day

I'm a very lucky woman. I have two swap partners,
which means I've to make two surprise gifts but I also will receive two surprise gifts!!
And today this was in the mail..Wendy sent me a beautiful broche
made from gorgeous fabrics and tiny beads in the middle.
I love it and I think it looks great on my jean jacket..thank you Wendy!

for me from my swap partner Wendy
She also sent me these two lovely fat quarters.

for me from my swap partner wendy
And today must be realy my lucky day!
This beautiful package came also in the mail....
Nicolette had a little game going on on her blog.
She showed a box filled with hexagons and asked to guess the right amount.
And guess what!! I was closest.

giveaway gift from Nicolette
This package contains all the materials you need
to make a lovely pincushion and a needlebook.
There is also a pattern for a wrist pincushion included.
And see the postcard with the polkadot boot... so cute!
And there's more good news...
I finaly had a finish!!

table runner

Something to add to the OPAM list.

I go now and enjoy my beautiful gifts.
Have a lovely day..

Mar 16, 2010

Once in a year moment of fame

I bet we all have one...
A quilt, a knitting, crochet or other project
that you never seem to finish..ever!
You didn't figure out exactly how or what...
and it's hard to bring up the energie to even get you started.
But you want to get it finished because you love this project
and think of all the hours you spent already.
 Does this sound familiar??
Well, see is mine.

what's in the box

This star charmquilt is paperpieced and not one piece of fabric is the same.
I blogged about it before here.

unfinished charmquilt

This is the back of the quilt. And you can see by the wide seam allowences,
i wasn't that accurate on measuring.
Just think this thickness will give this quilt extra comfort.


I use xray material for my starpoint model.
Like paterno it keeps its original shape even after its used a thousand times.
And I use wallpaper for draw/cut each individual starpoint.

making stars

I wasn't sure about the border But I think I'll do it this way.
Found this picture in a magazine.


For each star I like to match fabric of the same color.

stars waiting

So this was it, the once in a year moment of fame this quilt gets to see day light.
One last picture before it goes back in the box.

ster quilt

So now I showed you mine.. will you share yours?
Please do...I would love, love to see your once in a year moments of fame!

Mar 15, 2010

On its way to the U.S.A...

Just got back from the postoffice.
My swap surprises for Chris are on its way to the U.S. now.
Here is a sneek peek and a hint....
The eggs are not in the envelope though!!

swap peek

So now I'm going back working on my two little quilts
 that I want to finish this month..if possible!
But before I go I send you these lovely primulas first.


Have a good start of the week!

Mar 11, 2010

surprises and a cute little girl

Today I have been babysitting luca. She's oma's little girl and such a joy!
We've been to the garden center to buy flowers.
And when we came home there was a large envelope lying on the doormat.
In it was a fantastic quilt magazine, a gorgeous card and delicious chocolate.
Thank you so much are so kind.

presents from Nina
 Already there are beautiful surprise gifts send and received
It's so great to see all your pretty swap pictures.
We would love for you to add them to our flickr group.
And please ladies remember the deadline!!
Personaly I'm not that good with deadlines..but..
I've send one package today to Wendy
And Chris yours is coming very soon too!

wrapped and ready to send 

And since a picture is worth a thousand words
I'll let this one do the talking.

Luca 19 months


Mar 8, 2010

feeling blue

This is what I saw when I opened my eyes this morning.
Little snowflakes falling down and made all white again.
I'm so,so done with this weather!!!
Who needs snow in March?? ..I certainly don't!
I desperately need sunshine, I need vitamin d, I need to smell fresh green outside,

snow in March
I need a vacation!!
No...I don't really need all that...

Delfts blue caravan
I think it's just the monday morning blues...

Dutch boots

These are fun...but i don't need them either!


Mar 6, 2010

hip hip hooray for modern technology

Yeah!! We're doing a little happy dance here..
We've got sunshine and although it's cold outside
sunshine makes everything so much better.
More reason for a little happy dance...
We've moved to another internet provider.
Things go much, much faster now.

doing the happy dance
No endless waiting for pages to load...
Hip hip hooray for modern technology!
Downside...this corner in my livingroom!!
Does anyone have any suggestions??
Maybe we just have to build a closet to hide these ugly cabels!

hip hip hooray for modern technology
Or I can place this vase with hyacinths in front of the cable mess.

I'm afraid it will have to wait until we'll redo our livingroom.
Perhaps some time next year or so?
For now I'm just enjoying my superfast internet
and doing some granny crochet.

fresh stash
Happy weekend you'll!

Mar 3, 2010

bicycle fashion

coat protector

I came across this lovely picture in the March issue from Landleven.
Landleven is a Dutch country lifestyle magazine.
I love this crochet coat protector or bike-skirt.
There is a link where you can download the pattern here.
I'm sorry the pattern is only available in Dutch language.

coat protector

On Flickr you can find more "pimp up your bike" inspiration.

bike fashion

1. Dscf0313 laboratory of Art, 2. 1910 Fongers, 3. Jasbeschermer painting, 4. Stencil Coat Protector, 5. First crochet thing, 6. Bicycle Wheel Decoration, 7. 103, 8. coat protector, 9. Untitled, 10. Skirt Guard, 11. IMG_1068, 12. Happy Bike, 13. Union bike, Staphorst Netherlands, 14. My New Skirt, 15. CIMG8082, 16. Bike Hat

Check it out, there is lots more!

Mar 2, 2010


calender march

I turned over a new calender page.
March, the month of early spring, lambs, birds nesting
and also the month where fresh green start showing in the garden.

calender march

"The March wind roars
Like a lion in the sky,
And makes us shiver
As he passes by.

When winds are soft,
And the days are warm and clear,
Just like a gentle lamb,
Then spring is here."
- Author Unknown