Feb 27, 2008

take it slow

What have I been doing since friday...well not much really.

trims & ribbons box before trims & ribbons box after

I sorted out my trims & ribbons box.
I spent two days in bed, sick!
I made two more flowers for the flowergarden dollquilt.

I found three house blocks made from scraps (they were hiding in the scrap box).

One day they will end up in a quilt like this one below!

playhouses from the book "little quilts"
Photo from the book "Little quilts all through the house"

Well that's about it, I'm not planning on doing much more this week!
Only one thing... reading blogs, many blogs, I'm way behind!

p.s. And for those who still wonder what the pink peek from a few posts back was, and haven't seen it on Nicolette's blog, yet. Inspiration came from a painting Nicolette made for me.

Feb 23, 2008

color splash

See these fabrics....I saw them yesterday and just had to buy them all! I had a picture of a tea house cozy in my head......

color splash fabric

And voila...see here the result after an evening spent behind the sewing machine.
A pretty coincedent is that the colors are a perfect match with the new china!

tea house cozy

Have a nice weekend! I'm of now, go to sew another teahouse cozy.

Feb 21, 2008

pastries, tea cozy and a dollquilt

Oké, maybe I wasn´t that busy with reading blogs and posting this week but I managed to do some crafting instead.
The pink sneak peek from last post is finished and brought to the post office. I'll post a picture of the finished project soon as it has reached its final destination.
I already started a new project, nothing else to do, haha! I make flowers for a dollquilt using these fabrics. I just love the sweet printed designs on them, perfect for a doll quilt!

doll quilt

And another almost finished project I did last week...this tea house cozy no2.

another tea cozy

And I've got a mail from Mary, she did received my valentine swap package and she liked what I made for her..phew!
These two sweet pastries I made from felt were my gift for her.

valentine swap gift for Mary
What a big success this valentine swap was! I´ve spotted some beautiful selfmade presents on blogs all around! Lucy, if there´s gonna be a valentine swap next can coint me in!

Feb 15, 2008

Valentine swap I received my valentine swap gift made by my swap partner Mary. I'm so happy....she made me this beautiful cushion.

cushion made by Mary

It has a polka dot back, Mary must can read my mind....because I love polka dots!

cushion made by Mary

Mary also made this lovely valentine card.

valentine card

And to spoil me completely she did sent me these wonderful presents along. Yummy, yummy chocolates in a box, the most gorgeous fabrics, paper handkerchiefs with printed hearts on and a quilt magazine! Thanks Mary!

presents valentine swap

This oh so fun swap was organized by Lucy from Lucy locket recycled her pocket
I can't show you a picture yet of what I made for Mary. Right now my valentine package for Mary is probbably in a plane flying over the ocean somewhere. So I'll wait for her to receive the package first.
Instead I show you this photo, a peak of a small gift I'm working on at the moment and hope to send it of soon to someone special too!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Feb 10, 2008

feels like spring

What a lovely weather we had this weekend! It felt like an early spring.
I know it's a bit previous for spring but if it was up to me than I would say, let's skip the rest of winter and let springtime begin!
Well it isn't up to me so all I can hope is for this lovely weather to hold on a few more days!

My creation

Have a good beginning of the week!

Feb 7, 2008

Knitted star tutorial/ Gestrickter Stern

Ok, finally after promised months ago here my first attempt of writing a knitting pattern in English.

"A Knitted star"

knitted star tutorial

What do you need to make one?

Yarn: To make a star with star points in different colours you need 5 colours. You can also choose to make a star in one or in two colours. There are many variations possible. The size of a star depends of the thickness of the yarn and the size of the needles. The thicker the yarn, the larger the star will be. I used soedan wool for this star and needles size 4.5.
Knitting needles: Size depends on the thickness of the yarn.
Needle: To sew the star points together.
Stuffing material: poly-fil or fiberfil or cotton.

1.) Knit 10 star points in five different colours, two of each.

10 star points

One star point:

Row 1 : cast on 3 stitches
Row 2 : knit 3
Row 3 : purl 1, inc 1, purl 2
Row 4 : knit 1, inc 1, knit 3
Row 5 : purl 1, inc 1, purl 4
Row 6 : knit 1, inc 1, knit 5
Row 7 : purl 1, inc 1, purl 6
Row 8 : knit 1, inc 1, knit 7
Row 9 : purl 1, inc 1, purl 8
Row 10: knit 1, inc 1, knit 9
Row 11: purl 1, inc 1, purl 10
Row 12: sl 1- knit 1- psso, knit 10
Row 13: sl 1- purl 1- psso, purl 9
Row 14: sl 1- knit 1- psso, knit 8
Row 15: sl 1- purl 1- psso, purl 7
Row 16: sl 1- knit 1- psso, knit 6
Row 17: sl 1- purl 1- psso, purl 5
Row 18: sl 1- knit 1- psso, knit 4
Row 19: sl 1- purl 1- psso, purl 3
Row 20: sl 1- knit 1- psso, knit 2
Row 21: sl 1- purl 1- psso, purl 1,
Cast of by pass stitch over.

- sl = slip stitch from left-hand needle to right-hand one without knitting it.
- psso = pass slipped stitch over.

Slip stitch from left-hand needle to right-hand one without knitting it. Knit the next stitch. Insert tip of left-hand needle into the slipped stitch, pass it over the knitted stitch, and off needle.

2.) Press the ten star points carefully under a damp cloth with an iron.

3.) Sew the star points into two stars. Make sure you have a left and a right side, see picture below

left and right side

4.) Sew stars together right side out. Leave one star point half open. Fill the star point with cotton or polyfill. Close the half open star point.
Note: Each star point has a short and a long side. Make sure all the short sides are pointed to the middle of the star.

You can decorate the star if you like. I used the bullion knot stitch. I did one in the middle on each side from the star and on the end of each point.


For those who like tho try this pattern out.....enjoy and good luck!

Thank you Barbara for your german translation.

Gestrickter Stern:

Was braucht man dafür?
Garn: je nach Wunsch bis zu 5 verschiedene Farben, man kann den ganzen Stern auch einfarbig oder zweifarbig … machen. Die Größe des Sterns hängt von der Dicke des verwendeten Garns und der Nadelgröße ab. Ich habe Soedan Wolle verwendet und Nadelstärke 4,5
Stricknadeln: passend zum Garn
Nähnadel um die Sternspitzen zusammen zu nähen
Füllmaterial: Füllwatte o. ä.

1. Stricke 10 Sternspitzen in fünf verschiedenen Farben, zwei von jeder Farbe.

Reihe 1 : 3 Maschen aufnehmen
Reihe 2 : 3 rechts
Reihe 3 : 1 links, 1 zunehmen, 2 links
Reihe 4 : 1 rechts, 1 zunehmen, 3 rechts
Reihe 5 : 1 links, 1 zunehmen, 4 links
Reihe 6 : 1 rechts, 1 zunehmen, 5 rechts
Reihe 7 : 1 links, 1 zunehmen, 6 links
Reihe 8 : 1 rechts, 1 zunehmen, 7 rechts
Reihe 9 : 1 links, 1 zunehmen, 8 links
Reihe 10: 1 rechts, 1 zunehmen, 9 rechts
Reihe 11: 1 links, 1 zunehmen, 10 links
Reihe 12: 1 abnehmen 10 rechts
Reihe 13: 1 abnehmen 9 links
Reihe 14: 1 abnehmen 8 rechts
Reihe 15: 1 abnehmen 7 links
Reihe 16: 1 abnehmen 6 rechts
Reihe 17: 1 abnehmen 5 links
Reihe 18: 1 abnehmen 4 rechts
Reihe 19: 1 abnehmen 3 links
Reihe 20: 1 abnehmen 2 rechts
Reihe 21: 1 abnehmen 1 links

(Abnehmen: Masche von der linken auf die rechte Nadel heben ohne sie zu stricken, nächste Masche stricken, erste abgehobene Masche darüberheben.

2.) Die zehn Sternspitzen vorsichtig unter feuchtem Tuch dämpfen

3.) Die Sternspitzen zu Sternen zusammennähen, dabei sicherstellen, dass man eine rechte und eine linke Seite hat, wie auf dem Bild unten .

4.) Sterne zusammen nähen, mit der rechten Seite nach aussen. Eine Sternspitze etwas offen lassen. Den Stern füllen mit Füllwatte und verschließen

Achtung: Jede Sternspitze hat eine kurze und eine lange Seite. Stelle sicher, dass die kurzen Seiten zur Sternmitte weisen.

Du kannst den Stern dekorieren wenn Du möchtest, ich habe einen Knoten Stich verwendet in der Mitte der Sterne und an jeder Sternspitze.

Für die die es versuchen wollen, viel Spaß und viel Glück.


Feb 4, 2008

Sweet gifts in pink

Remember these most adorable little birds from a post early in January. They are cups and are available in the DE stores in exchange for (many)coffee-points.
And guess what came in the mail saterday.....yes, many coffee-points! The oh so sweet Nicolette from "devliegendekoe" blog did sent me a suprise package. There where two thick envelopes in full with coffee-points. Wow am I happy with those...yeah!
She also wrote a cute cow card and to spoil me completely she made me a beautiful painting! I totaly adore this one! It's one of her designs she made for the 'pink ribbon quilt'.
made by Nicolette

See the little bird on the painting? It gave me the inspiration I desperatly needed.
So, thank you so much Nicolette for your most generous gifts and for giving me new inspiration. You'll be seeing some results soon!

made by Nicolette

I'm also busy making a valentine gift for my swap partner Mary. Hopefully I can bring it to the post office soon.
And some knitting news....I'm almost finished with writing the star pattern in English....finaly!!

Have a great week!