Nov 27, 2007

the winner is......

I'm feeling overwhelmed, I recieved so many wonderful comments. Thank you all for visiting and leave comments!
They all went in the hat and Heleen had the honor to put her hand in and pick one out.


Drum rolls please....... the winner is......


Hmmm...oké, looks like you need glasses for this one but really it says; Deb from somebody's mom. Congratulations Deb, there's a parcel coming your way!
For all you people who like to know what is in it, see photo below.

knitted star

The knitted star, I did hang some beads on.
I'm working on a pattern of this star (in english) for a tutorial.


See these two dollcribs? They are made by our son in law, aren't they adorable? He's so clever, he can make the most beautiful things out of wood.


The crib needs a dollquilt, how about using these fabrics? All I need now is a lovely pattern!

calico garden
photo from this book; enduring grace - quilts from the Shelburne museum collection

I love this quilt!! Maybe not suitable for a dollquilt, but it sure is for a babyquilt!!

Nov 20, 2007

50th post

Well today is the day....Today a little milestone, my 50th post! If you would asked me a year ago what a blog was, I would say; "excuse me...a what"? It was purly a coincidence that I discovered this amazing world of blogging! And I never expected how much fun it could be! I've met some wonderful new friends and recieved the most warm and supportive comments.
Thank you, thank you'll for that.

secret gift

So....for celebrate my 50th post I have wrapped a little present for a lucky winner. Just leave a comment and I'll draw out a winner next tuesday.

p.s. I would also like to invite the non comment readers to feel free to join in too!

I finish this post with a wonderful book I want to share.
It's published in 2003, but I just recently found it!
The ISBN number on the back is: 2-84831-004-9

book; Marie Claire idées 'l'appliqué

It's full with the most gorgeous quilts and quilting projects.

book; Marie Claire idées 'l'appliqué book; Marie Claire idées 'l'appliqué

book; Marie Claire idées 'l'appliqué book; Marie Claire idées 'l'appliqué

book; Marie Claire idées 'l'appliqué book; Marie Claire idées 'l'appliqué

Lots of pages full of inspiration! Myself....I like the teapots applique!

Nov 12, 2007

What's in the box (five)

I've got an urge to finish some of the unfinished things hanging around my craftsroom. The logcabin quilt, the knitted blanket in progress, the embroidery works, the applique quilt......I can go on and on! And not to forget..the secret santa christmas swap project!! I think it's best to finish of my SSCS project first so I can send it of to my parner on time! Sorry, but I can't reveal that much of it here because its secret!! So instead I will open a box for you.

In this box I keep selfmade crafted ornaments for in the christmas tree.

holiday season ornaments

I personal like the little angel and the embroidery heart with all the buttons on.

holiday season ornaments

And of course my cat!

cat vs rabbit ?

I was so proud of my little cat until my friend said; "oo.. what a lovely RABBIT"!! It's a CAT, a cat with big ears!! So what!!

Nov 7, 2007

A big thank you... UPDATE!

The smile on my face is getting bigger and bigger! See this beautiful "gorgeous" bag?
It's a present for me from my sister Heleen. She made this bag from our mothers vest, read about it here.Thank you, thank you Heleen! You are my most favorite sister in the whole wide world!

I've got so many lovely comments on the tea cozy, thank you all!
I love receiving comments! And that was not the only thing I received this week!
There were some lovely surprises.
The first one came from Guðrún. She made me this beautiful little bag.
I love it!

little bag (present)

She also send me these lovely gifts. See the bag pattern? I'm anxious to try that one out!
Thank's again Guðrún


Then another parcel for me!!
Two gorgeous fabrics send to me by Jeanne from "luv to stitch" pretty colours! Thanks Jeanne.

fabric present

My cousin Wendy made me this little crocket afghan square. It's so sweet...thanks Wendy, I love it!

little crochet afghan square

And if that wasn't enough... there was one more gift! This beautiful applique quilt kit. It's called'"tree of life". Tante Anneke, thank you so much!

"tree of life" applique quilt

I think it will be a five year plan....but when it's finished it will look like this!!

And if you wonder, after seeing all these beautiful presents, how my face will look like! I'm walking around with a big smile on, all day long!