Feb 28, 2010

28th Februari

tulips on the kitchen counter

Thank you for all the get well wishes, I'm feeling much better now...luckily!
It's a rainy last day of Februari...just where did this month go??
What exactly did I do this month..were there any finishes??
Nope, nothing to add to the one project a month list.

But, I crochet squares..76 so far.

76 squares

I'm hooked! Crochet hooked that is!

crochet squares blanket

This morning Heleen and I went to a local fleamarket.
We love sniffing around..hope to find treasures.
I found these gorgeous potholders, crochet dresses.

 crochet potholders

And before I go to pick up my crochet needle again...
I show a small peek of the swap presents i'm making for Chris and Wendy.

swap peek

Of course I won't tell what it's a surprise!!

swap peek

Have a lovely Sunday!

Feb 22, 2010

feeling a bit under the weather

I came down with a cold this weekend. I wasn't feeling very well,
all I did was hang out on the couch surrounded by a pile of tissues.
I'm a bit better now, just eat lunch and crochet a few squares.


While hanging on the couch this weekend I tried to make a plan for the swap.
Matching some fabrics...thinking about what colors to use




or BLUE...

Or maybe mix colors up...
I found this pattern I thought i lost forever.
It would be lovely to use for the spring swap.

swap inspiration

Ofcourse I won't tell here what it is.
It's a BIG secret!!!!
So to make it up I sent to you my monday tulips..

monday tulips

Have a good start of the week!

p.s. Thanks for all your good advices regarding my broken teapot.
Sadly it's not possible to glue or restore the teapot. I put it on a shelf in my cupboard for eyecandy, so I still can enjoy!

Feb 16, 2010

A hole in my teapot

I have the most lovely teapot I use for serving tea....

pip teapot

It's the same most lovely teapot I use as a vase for flowers......

purple, pink and white tulips

From this moment on I can only say USED FOR....
Look, there is a hole in the pot!!
A hole in my most lovely teapot!

look for the hole

I have only myself to blame (luckily for my family members, LOL).
Well, I suppose I'll get over it....

Craft news, I added more squares to this granny blanket (it will become a blanket). I only use wool from leftover projects found on my mothers attic.

grannies coming along nicely

And here is a house keyhanger.
I made several before to give away as a gift.


Have a nice day!

Feb 11, 2010

this and that

Thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes.
It's almost a week later now and I've been so busy with work.
This is my first day off and I finaly had some time to catch up with blog reading and to post.
February the 6th was a happy cake eating and gifts unwrapping day.
This book was one of my presents

birthday present

It contains some wonderful stitchery projects.
Like this needle book, I love to make this sometime.,


Heleen spoiled me with this most gorgeous bag.
Lucky me... to have a sister who can make such handsome bags!

mesenger bag

This morning the streets were snowy white and a bit slippery, again!
I can't wait til this winter is over. I just about had it with the cold!
To keep warm I even added an extra quilt on the bed with the tacking cotton still in it!
Wouldn't it be great to be able to quilt, stay warm and rest underneath it at the same time!
It certainly would solve some time problems.

logcabin on the bed

This dutch folklore only needs one side of the binding sewn on.
I can do that this evening.

dutch folklore

I'm off to the supermarket now, buy some ingredients to cook diner for my family.

p.s. Dear swap friends,I find it so lovely that some of you write emails back and forth and become swapfriends. How neat is that!!

Feb 5, 2010

Hello Friday

The first day of a wonderful weekend ahead,
the first weekend of February.....

Here is this months calendar page
and ofcourse this months saying...
Really soon I'll be a year older and wiser !!

happy bithday!!
News from the crafting front..
Only a very slowly progress.
You probably noticed I didn't finished the quilt on time for OPAM January.
Well, now my goal is to get it done this month!

slow progress

Heleen and I opened a Flickr group for the swap. Here is the link.
We would love it if you joined us! Please, remember its a surprise,
don't show pictures before your partner received her package!!

Some of you mailed us about not receiving the partner information mail...
Check your spam folder. Sometimes mails end up in that folder

Birthday tulips

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Feb 3, 2010

all partner emails are sent!

After a very busy with work and swap week
i'm taking a brief moment to sit calm behind the laptop
and give you an update on the spring swap.
Heleen and I are overwhelmed with the high number of entries.
Including a few first time swappers and a lot of non- blog swappers
All 112 partner emails are sent out now.
So, if you haven’t received an email, please contact us.
Because there are many non- blogger participants in this swap
we had the idea to open a flickr photo group
so every participant has a chance to add swap photos
for all of us to enjoy. Please tell us if like this idea (or not).

blauwe druifjes
 Grape hyacinths for an early spring feeling.
Have fun swapping!
And I hope to be back tomorrow!