Dec 30, 2007

last post 2007

This will be my last post for this year. Wow...what a year it was!! I discovered a whole new world... blogging! It's so great to get inspired by all those creative people that are out there on the net. And through blogging I've met some wonderful new friends. I even got a little bit addicted on blogging and spend way to much time behind the computer!!
Yesterday I cleaned up my craftsroom, thinking not to start the new year in a mess. While doing that I came across these Dutch fabrics. I bought them recently in Marken. A Dutch town, very touristic and well-known for its characteristic wooden houses.

dutch fabrics
These fabrics would be lovely for making birds. I made one from polka dot fabric. She's a cheerful bird that love to have some family. So I'm going to make her one!

polka dot bird

Have a wonderful turn of the year with fireworks en oliebollen
I wish you all a very happy, healty and creative 2008!
Thanks for stopping by! I always look forward to read every comment.

Groeten, Corry

Dec 20, 2007


There is a book on my shelf I absolut adore! The book is called, 'De regenboog'. The rainbow, if you Translate it in english. It's a Russian folk tales book illustrated by Joeri Wasnetsov and published by Radoega, Moskou.

bookcover de regenboog

mijn laarsjes
On the left side of each page is a song or a poem printed, very lovely but I've got the book mainly for its illustrations.

liep ons katje naar het plein....

The beautiful illustrations inspire me! I like the style, very suitable to translate into fabric, applique and embroidery, I think.

buurpraatje meisje werd op pad gestuurd...

vliegt beer langs de hemel in vliegende vaart...
The pigs in the funny!

Dec 18, 2007

Meet Josie

sscs present

Oké...I know, I said not to open my sscs gift before christmas. But when the postman brought me a package yesterday morning, all my good intentions disappeared in a instant! I'm so weak, no resistance at all!
I only opened the package just to take a little peek, but "oeps"...I could't hold her inside the box any longer. So here she is! Isn't she sweet? My new summery Christmas angel! She is made by my secret santa, Hannah from summer pickles.
Thank you Hannah..I love her!

Dec 10, 2007

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Last week my SSCS partner Ebby from me and the monsters recieved the present I made for her. I'm so happy she liked it! And because she opened her package, it's safe for me to show some pictures here!

SSCS 2007
I made her this little quilt, I had read in one of her posts that she owns one quilt and would love to have some more, that's why!
I choose pink and green because those are her blog colours.

SSCS 2007
It's so much fun to be part of this swap organized by elf Donna from chooky blue. Great job elf Donna, thank you!
And ooh, am I looking forward to see the pictures from all those "secret santas" "selfmade presents"! I'm checking my mailbox everyday for mine, how exciting.... can hardly wait until christmas!

Dec 5, 2007


Yesterday a day before 5 December we celebrate Sinterklaas feast at our home.
Because all the children (and adolts) don’t believe in the Sint anymore we make “suprices” (pronounce as "sir-preeze-us"). A surprise is a gift consealed in something made by the giver. This can be a gag or something beautiful made. And the giver write a poem to go with the gift. A lot of those poems are teasing ones! We had so much fun!
The surprise I've got was made by my 11 year old niece (Heleens daughter). She once heard Heleen and me talking about a dream we both got, opening a store where we can sell all of our selfmade and vintage products. So she made me a "Dutch Blue" store. Isn't that SWEET!

Do you see my teacozy and my quilts?

behind the counter
And that's me behind the counter!

Another suprise I found this morning on the doormat. The most beautiful and cutest owl I've ever seen! It is mady by Amy from Lucykate crafts. And I was so lucky to won this cute owl at her blog giveaway.

finally to end this suprise post, a basket found at my mothers place. The basket conseals all the pre-cut fabrics for a complete sampler quilt. My mother did the preparations for this quilt years ago but she isn't going to finish it of anymore.

I could'n help myself, I had to start sewing a block! I didn't have anything else to do (lol)!!

sampler block
I love the colors and fabrics, mom you have a great taste! Maybe I do a block a month or so to get this beauty finished!