Oct 30, 2009

small weekend pleasures

I've got the flowers....


I got me a project to work on.....

working on angels

I've got to figure out how to make a proper angel nose???


I got the new issue to browse through.....

November issue

And while taking these pictures I've noticed
I've got to do some dusting as well!


Wish you lots of small weekend pleasures too!

Oct 27, 2009


I just thought I would give you an update on my log cabin fall quilt.
I'm using every free minute to sew stripes into blocks.

sewing log cabin blocks

Each block has a brown, orange and red diagonal on one side and on the opposite
 a green and blue green side.  So far I've managed to sew 16 blocks.
Still 20 blocks to go!

blocks for fall quilt

The other day I saw a lovely quilt in a hoop right here
And you know how things are..seeing a quilt in a hoop works sooooooo... contagious.
I made this quilt using fabric from moda. The fabric is called 'recess', I used a 5" squares charm pack. I added orange/ white checkers and red/ white polkadot fabric. For the back I used polkadot also.
Quilting in a hoop...nothing can beat that!

red, orange and recess fabrics

What do you think of these two for an audience?

my audience?
Aren't these two cute ?
Happy stitching!

Oct 23, 2009


Stripes are cut and ready for sewing.


Stripes on the floor.


And a few stripes sewn into blocks.
Green is added.

blocks for fall log cabin

I hope for more stripes this weekend....
and hope you've a good one too!

Oct 21, 2009

mix and match fall colors

This plant gives me an autumn feeling.
Warm colors like orange, brown and earthly green.
Such a pretty colors.


I went through my stash and did a bit of mix and match in search for that warm autumn feeling
 and eartly colors. hmmm, I think I need more green.....

Mix and Match Fall Colors

And wouldn't it be lovely to make them into a fall logcabin quilt.


One like this. Oooh yes... It would be lovely indeed!!!

book Little Quilts  All Through the House

Just like this winter log cabin quilt from 2007.

logcabin quilt
Pssst, don't tell anyone this one is in progress, still!

Oct 19, 2009

this past weekend....

I had a lot of fun exploring photoscape


I also made an angel pattern. I'll add a link in my sidebar soon.

angel pattern

I made some new and finished some old birds.

birds making

On Saterday I came home from ikea with a new seat in the trunk of the car.

new ikea seat

And while a was there I spotted this crocked flowers decoration set.
i don't have a purpose yet


But think I'm gonna glue the red one on my red bag.

Well,I had a lovely creative weekend, I hope you had a great one too!
Have a good start of the week you'll!

Oct 16, 2009

Friday's post

Hello, first a big thank you for your comments and kind words on my last post.
I feel very honored by them all, thanks!
Friday it just me or does time flies!! I had today off from work and went shopping. And a trip to the post office to send of two parcels.

giveaway gifts

And of course I couldn't go home without fresh flowers for the weekend. I love tulips. Maybe not the perfect flower to have in a warm central heated house, but I enjoy them while they last.

Friday's fresh flowers

I also had to buy some magazines.

lovely reading

I can browse for hours in these magazines. look, I even found my perfect cooker.

picture from: country homes & interiors
Ooh and I want a cozy corner like this one....

picture from: country homes & interiors

And isn't this a charming chest for storage?

picture from: country homes & interiors

Mine is from Ikea.

shelves storage

Here a picture from my cleaned up cutting table.

cutting corner

I wonder how long it will stay this way?!
Happy weekend!

Oct 13, 2009

blogger's quilt festival

Amy from park city girl is hosting a bloggers quilt festival.


Here is my contribution to the festival. You might have already seen this 'vogeltjes quilt' before, I posted about it in 2007. But because I still get questions about this quilt I like to show it here again.


The quilt is inspired by work and books of Jean Ray Laury.
I love her drawings, so wonderful to use for applique.

Jean Ray Laury books

I made this quilt in the late nineties, I just had followed an appliqué course when I found these lovely birds in one of J.R.Laury's books. I started of making one, and another, and one more. And before I knew I had a stash of funny apliqued birds blocks.

Jean Ray Laury books

6 vogeltjes

I made an appletree for the center. I draw the design for the tree myself. The fabrics I used for the triangles and the border are a replica from an old dutch chintz bought by Den Haan & Wagenmakers


Now I had all those lovely birds sewn around an appletree. I thought it would be perfect to complete the quilt with a beautiful border. I chose this drawing also from J.R. Laury's book als my starting point and went from there.

Jean Ray Laury books

I did all sewing, applique and quilting by hand. It took my a few years to complete. In 2000 I finaly did. The quilt was a gift for our daughter. I made a cross-stitch label for the back.

label for a quilt


Today the 'vogeltjes quilt' still hangs in her livingroom and is often used for
 Luca's favorite game 'hide and seek'.

Oct 9, 2009

flowers, winners and a summer mini quilt

fresh tulips

Thank you, thank you, thank you each and every one of you for visiting and commenting.
Boy, o boy…did you have some great tips and solutions for my storage and tidying up problems!!
You must be the tidiest people I know.


I tried to make a top 10 of the most workable tips that will work for me.

1. Close the door! Ha,ha, like this one…
2. Move to a bigger room. I would love to move but I think I’ve the largest room already!
3. lots of shelves.
4. Make tidying up fun with all kind of pretty boxes, tins, baskets.
5. Keep everything grouped together in pots and little dishes like needles, pins, buttons, pencils, scissors....
6. Store everything by colors.
7. Use see through boxes.
8. Put things away when you are done for the day. Wish I had more discipline!
9. Throw away what you don't use. I rather giveaway.
10. Don’t buy new stuff.…What!! No shopping? about my fabric addiction??

I can’t show you the after photo’s … I haven’t finished the job yet.
But I have two winners drawn for the giveaway. I used the true random number generator.

The winners are:: Virginia And Nina.
Congratulations! please send me your snailmail adress and I'll send you your package.
Summer swap update:

summer mini quilt swap

See this little beauty, how lucky am I? Barbara made this gorgeous mini quilt for me!
 I love it so very much! She noticed I love pink and thoughtful of her.

summer mini quilt swap

And she wrapped the quilt in some lovely red, blue and white fabrics!! Thank you again Barbara……!

fabric gift from Barbara
Have a marvelous weekend everyone!