Sep 27, 2008


In Last post I was just teasing you... ofcourse it's an angel!
I stitched a few...Two are on the front of a small bag and will go into the shop.
Two are still in progress....


And this little red angel bag likes to go travel.....She has not found a destination yet and so she´s looking for a place to stay. Maybe you can help her out by letting her stay at your place? If so please let me know by leaving a comment on this post. She will draw a name somewhere next week and I will happely send her off. You would make her sooo happy!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Sep 24, 2008

looks like an angel

Just a quick post on something i'm working on. It has to do with the color red, white, stitcheries and some sewing. Curious? I'm too...not sure yet how to make these ingredients to a good ending!
Keep you posted!


Sep 21, 2008

warm heart

Look at this wonderful suprice that was waiting for me to come home to on Friday.
A beautiful heart made by Elizabeth. She is a very creative woman with a great eye for detail. Look at the tiny little bird the tulip and that lovely red heart, so preciosly embroidered! And she used red, blue and white my favorite 'dutch blue' colors! Elizabeth and I have just met each other recently on Flickr.
She's so talented and makes great pictures of all her work. She also started a blog.
So go check out her photostream here and maybe you would like to welcome her as new blogger on "Creative Breathing" here.

detail heart


Sep 18, 2008

cross-stitch cushion

We've got some lovely sunshine today. It's so nice to sit outside put my feet up and rest from a day at work. And to take my mind of things...there's nothing better than making cross-stitches. I only had a few left to do, so now this cushion is finished.
And it fits perfectly in the bedroom next to the Billy bookcase!

cross-stitch cushion

I'm really pleased with the result. Thanks to the Hema, I'm thinking of buying more pillowcases in other colours.
cross-stitch star cross-stitch star

Sep 16, 2008

quilting in circles and an early Christmas card

I start quilting in the white open spaces, making circles to fill them up.
I use light blue thread for contrast. More work than I thougt it would be...turning, turning and turning the hoop around!

quilting in circles

And here is a Christmas card I'm SO excited about!
It looks better in real life than on a photo though,(bad light).

Christmas cards

A few months back I was asked by Susan O'Hanlon, how is a card publisher in England, if she could use my photograph "holiday season ornament" for publishing it on one of her Christmas cards. These cards are sold in stores in the UK and also in major stores in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France and Switzerland. Sadly not in Holland.
Also these Christmas cards are published in support of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and 20% will go to this Charity.

Christmas cards

I wonder how they look in a store next to all other Christmas cards?
So, if you spot one please let me know!

Sep 12, 2008

Cover update

It's pooring down rain right now and more rain is coming.
So a good excuse to stay in and work on the cushion covers.

flower basket

Hope you all have a creative weekend too!

Sep 9, 2008

making stitches

Most off you sugested hand quilting for this quilt and I totally agree, that would look best. But as you can see I started quilting with the machine. Reason??...just wanted immediately result!
Well, fast it goes... although I'm not so happy with the open spaces.
There's an idea in my head how to fill those spaces up, so probably there will be some working by hand after all!


Another new project I can hardly wait to start are these pillowcases.
I found them at one of my favorite shops the HEMA.
They are 50 cm square and made from 100% cotton. The woven threads are easy to count so perfect for doing cross-stitch on. They also sell these cases in red. That would be a lovely color for Christmas combining with white thread.

new project

And finally a picture of Noah's ark free Bom, I love doing these little stitcheries.
Noah's ark free BOM

I've a few more strips to sew on, so see you later!

Sep 3, 2008

what's in the box

I found an old project that was hidden in a box


It's a beginning off a quilt I made from a picture I saw in the book below.

DSC01108 DSC01119

It's a variation off the snowball quilt and it's great to use scraps in.
I was planning on making it a large quilt for a double bed. I always start new projects with great enthousasme but usually that enthusiastic feeling fades away quickly.
So today Thinking on all the work that still needs to be done, UGH!!... it just gives me a headache!
I need a new plan!


Well, that was simple just making a dolls quilt instead!


Next dilemma, quilt by hand or machine? What kind off yarn do I use for machine quilting?
Would anyone like to offer some opinions or advice? It is always welcome!

Sep 1, 2008

Good intentions!

In may 2007 I wrote about a schedule, a plan to help me finishing off this quilt before Sept. 2008.

radical rose quilt
(picture from McCalls superbook of quilting)

What was I thinking?? Oké, my intentions where good, I was determined to stick to it. And so I least for a month or so. While making small stitches I was making slowly progress too.


But now today, it's Sept 2008 and sadly there's no finished quilt to show here!
Where did I go wrong....well, I blame it on blogging...just to many distractions! It's not that difficult to get lost on the WWW and to lose all track of time! So many wonderful things are outthere so easy to get inspired and start something new before the old is finished!
Does this sound familiar?
Last week I started to make small stitches again (with spectacles this time) and throwed away the schedule!

Also last week our DS left for a vacation to his Bolivian family in Cochabamba. I made some gifts he could take along. And I made a mess, seems like I can't do one without the other (lol)!

blue/pink bird

And I made another bird!

blue/pink bird

blue/pink bird

Happy monday!