Feb 27, 2009

best friends

Last week a friendship grew. First there was Lies.


Two days later came Lotte.


They met each other on wednesday and are inseparable ever since.

best friends


Friendship, who can do without?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Feb 22, 2009

doll parts and beautiful fabrics

This weekend the south part of Holland is going mad, it's "Carnaval"! Not for me though..I have celebrated enough of that when I was younger. This year I'll go see the parade and then go home again to work on this little girl.
Doll inspired me into making another cloth doll.
I'm planning on embroider her face with some floss and use cotton buttons to sew the arms and legs on the doll's body.

body parts

Also last week I recieved an unexpected lovely suprise true the mail. These most beautiful fabrics...a gift for me from Mary. Thank you so much Mary, I feel overwhelmed by your generous geste!

beautiful fabric gift from Mary

Feb 17, 2009

pillow versus pincushion

Look what the postwoman brought this morning!

fat quarter swap 2009

Beautiful fabrics and ribbon and delicious maple candy send to me by my swappartner Stacey from "chickpea studios" She also made this cute gritter, isn't he lovely! Thanks Stacey for these wonderful gifts. Go to Stacey's blog to see my part of the swap.

critter made by chickpea studios

Update: Doll is still recovering from her bath adventure. The stains came out... doll was perfectly shiny clean until Luca got hold of her. She putted the poor doll's arms in her little mouth right after she eat her fruitdish. Ahh, now doll is ready to take a bath again!
So to make up for all the inconvenience I made doll a pillow.

pillow, front


pillow, back


And if doll doesn't want this pillow I can always use it as a XXL size pincushion. Yes, I think that's what i'm gonna do!

XXL size pincushion

Feb 12, 2009


Hello, my name is Doll. I was the little play friend of this blog owners daughter. And although my face doesn't show.....I'm feeling upset and disappointed.


She just pulled me out of the cupboard were she hide me for over 20 years or so. I was totally neglacted!! And look what time did to me...

leg DSC03112
DSC03110 DSC03109

STAINS..all over!! So sad..also on the only dress I own!
In effort to remove all stains and to let me feel a bit better, she made me a bath with bubbles and some stuff out of this pink container.


So now I'm floating around here..hoping for a clean skin and dress and some LOVE. Somebody save me!!



Feb 9, 2009

red and blue

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes.
I had a wonderful day, eat delicious birthday cake and unwrapped beautiful presents...boy have I been spoiled! DH got the hint, I feel like a princess sleeping in my gorgeous colorful bed

he got the hint

I've recieved more gorgeous red, see photo below.The new pip porcelain sugar and milk pot

pip servies

Yesterday was the drawing for my giveaway. The winner is...Levin (and Emily) from i wannebe crafty. Congratulations, the heart is coming your way!


Before I make an end on this only red post...Need some blue inspiration
Isn't Flickr the best photosite to find some!


1. Vintage 1940's Children's Print Fabric, 2. Storage handbag, 3. blue trees embroidery, 4. Blue fabrics, 5. Button Necklace for a friend., 6. brothers blue, 7. Bluey, 8. Blue Mushroom Pincushion, 9. #7 blue snowman sweater, 10. blues, 11. Blue and Red Log Cabin Quilt, 12. Vintage Blue Birds Necklace, 13. Delft Blue Buttons, 14. Birds Hearts Swap, 15. Vintage Penguin Cameo Pin, 16. Berries in Winter
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Have a great start of the week!

Feb 5, 2009

since my birthday is tomorrow.....

For a while now I'm saving all of my here and there in the house roaming around coins. They all disappear in my cute piggy bank. I'm saving coins for something high on my wishlist.

piggy bank

chinese rose red bedding from pip. Isn't this not just the most lovely sweet bedding ever?


Sadly the piggy bank isn't ready to go to the store yet. But hey.. since my birthday is tomorrow.....this will be a perfect gift.
I have to give DH a subtle hint!
Usualy I'm not one for a big celebration (especially not my own), but I like cake and presents! To celebrate I'm doing a bit of a give-away. If you fancy this sweet vintage fabric, red and white gingham lace and a piece of a crosstitch napkin, please leave a comment and I'll draw a winner on Sunday 8th February!
sweet heart

Another birthday girl....Luca 6 months.
Oh boy.. she's grown fast! She is so wise and funny and she loves to cuddle. I never knew being an oma was so much fun

Luca  6 months

I'm of now, going to the store buy a birthday cake. No, I'm not baking one myself...although I've lots of recipes in all my cookbooks and magazines!
Have a nice day.

Feb 3, 2009

strange visitor

Thought i had to show you my strange visitor. He came from nowhere, suddenly he was here...Maybe I will keep him!

strange visitor

Update on the tulips: I followed all the advise you gave me on keeping tulips longer fresh..and see...still standing straight and looking great!


Thank you!
Maybe it's because of the salt I putted into the water, or the sugar.
Maybe it's because I left them tightly wrapped for a few hours and cutted the ends of the stems? Or maybe its just luck...I know for sure it's not because of my green fingers (lol)!