Jul 23, 2008

month 3

two cows
I'm on a roll...yeah! Rainbows and cows stitchery almost done!
Next in line...two kangaroos!

Happy stitching!

Jul 21, 2008


Where's the summer? Today yet another day with rainy wet cold weather. It feels like autum!
Forced to stay inside I finally caught up with my mountain of ironing today, thank goodness!
And I managed to made the last stitches on this dove. I'm trying to catch up on this BOM as well. I'm months behind!


Don't know why I'm behind because this really is a lovely work to do!
Also made these cards. A quick and easy job...sewing fabric patches on cardpaper using gold thread

sewing cards

That's just what I like ....minimal effort, maximal result.


Have a nice monday!

Jul 16, 2008

recycled calico bag

recycled calico bag

Mom made this recycled calico bag. It's such a lovely and bright tote bag. The colors red, white and blue gave it that typical Dutch twist.
This morning she handed it over to me and before I even could a sweet gift, she said; "it's not for you, it's for in your shop"!!

recycled calico bag (inside)

Mom thanks!... maybe we have to order new labels with the text; "Dutch sisters and their mom"!

p.s: extra detail, this bag has a nice inside pocket!

Jul 11, 2008


There's a research book on the shelf in my craftsroom that's absolute one of my most favorite books! Red & White: American Redwork Quilts and Patterns written by Deborah Harding. I had it on my wishlist for a while before I purchased it from I made a good deal, especially now with the low dollar against the euro it's very lucrative for us living in Europe to buy books in the US!

favorite book

It's a cardboard box that contains two beautiful bound and wonderfully illustrated books. The first book features the history of redwork embroidery along with illustrations of exquisitely executed quilts. The second book supplies instructions and a lovely collection of redwork patterns.
It's one of my goals to one day make a redwork quilt!

favorite book

I choose some gorgeous redwork photos from Flickr and made them into a redwork mosaic to inspire me.
The work on the photos is made by others, very creative people....just click on the titel below for further information.

1. REDWORK friday, 2. redwork birdies drawstring bag, 3. Redwork girl & boy dancing, 4. ratinha1, 5. February Valentines, 6. redwork doll, 7. Redwork linen cloth, 8. environment friendly giftwrap - detail, 9. Redwork, 10. Redwork, 11. Stickerei, 12. Lou's Redwork Quilt, 13. Stickmustertuch, 14. QW0004-01, 15. redwork 1, 16. redwork (1)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Jul 8, 2008


This is looking so cool...our own "dutch sisters" labels!!

And what do I want most with new things...use it immediately! So, that's what I did today... It was about time I sew some new tea cozies for the etsyshop anyway.

I put the new cozies in the shop tommorow. Sorry, for this short, quick post, but there is realy nothing else to tell!
Still no news on the babyfront... (waiting very patiencly here ,lol)
Promise I'll keep you posted!