Jun 26, 2008

pink and blue

The crib quilt is finished. The sheet with the little birds on is one made by my mother ages ago. I slept underneath it when I was a baby and so did DD and in just a few weeks time a newborn baby will too!
DD worked real hard on decorating the baby's room and it's ready now! She did a great job...the room turned out beautiful and oo so sweet!


The diaper basket on top of the cupboard is an old family piece and so is the cupboard. (There is an empty spot in my bedroom now!!)


Auntie Heleen made this little heart.


And above the crib hangs a music mobile from Kathe Kruse

mobile Kathe kruse

I love the sweet pink and blue DD used for color the's so fresh. Is it for a "baby boy" or "baby girl"?? Only a few more weeks to go and we will know!

Jun 24, 2008

hello again

Just a little post to say hello. There is not much to tell here. No creative thoughts to share. In fact my sewing machine had so much sleep lately...its completly covered with dust!!
Time to blow the dust off and get crafty again. First atempt this pincushion.

pincushion dutch style
Oké this realy is a short post but I hope to show you more next time!

Jun 9, 2008

building an ark

The titel sounds like a lot of heavy work is going on around here!
Well, not yet... I don't hear any hammering and sawing at this very moment but....there is a slight possibility that this can change real soon!! That is if I can convince DH how much fun it is to make this arc and its animals!
I saw it in this book; and I love it.


And now a little update on the other arc!
As I told you in March, I joined the stitch-along Noah's Ark BOM from Lynette anderson designs.
The first month "two rabbits" is finished. Please keep in mind this was my first stitchery attempt.

I'm still working on month 2 "the dove".
Month 3 "rainbow and cows" and month 4 "the kangaroos" are waiting patiently to be next.

I'm in no hurry, its a pleassant little work to do in between and its lovely to see it grow.
I'll keep you posted, till next time!

Jun 2, 2008


It happen to me all the time.....when I don't have a clue on what pattern to use..... I always end up making squares.
It must be my favorite figure! I think because a square is nice and simple and has four equal sides. And by using different colours and fabrics all kind of patterns can be made. Plus it's easy to sew, no difficult curves.
So guess what pattern I use for the cribquilt???
The fabric with the roses comes from Biggiebest and was also used to make the curtains from.

babyquilt (peek)

This is the old cribquilt from my daughter. It seems that even back then I already developed a soft spot for squares! I had the whole babyroom decorated in Laura Ashley. I was a big fan of all their fabric and wallpapers.

cribquilt for daughter M

I'm curious, what is your favorite shape/ figure to use in quilts? I'll bet we all have one!
DD is checking up on me every now and then to see how much the cribquilt is I better get back behind the sewingmachine!