Jan 26, 2010

lazy day

purple, pink and white tulips
Brrrr.. its freezing cold outside,  the cv (central heating) is working overtime.
So I stayed in today and  made a few granny squares.
Did some laundry and made more granny squares, again.
Just enjoyed a lazy day!
Spring swap update
The list with participants is growing.
So excited!!
If we didn't send you an email yet
that's because we don't have your address!!
Please send a mail to dutchsisters@live .nl

Jan 24, 2010

Dutch Sisters Spring Surprise Swap 2010 CLOSED


If you are longing for spring
If you want to have that spring feeling
If you want to be lovely surprised
And receive new fabric
You do not want shipping costs being to high….
This is the swap for you!

What do you have to do?
1. Find your two most beautiful spring fabrics and
 cut of a fat quarter from each fabric. see this link
2. Make a lovely spring gift.
You can sew, knit, crochet, felt, embroider it!
It can be a anything as long as it is very pretty!
A little bird, a heart, a little doll, a small mini quilt, a house etc..
Wrap it up all pretty, and write a nice note to send with it because...
we believe notes make things extra nice!

make your gift so very special you almost want to keep it yourself!
The lovely gift and fabric has to fit and be send in a large envelope.
This is it nothing more nothing less.
Parcels must be sent on or before 21st March !
Who can join?
Everyone can join (with are without a blog).
Because this is an international swap
you have to be prepared to ship overseas.

You can sign up by;
Leaving a comment on either Corry’s or Heleen’s swap post,
be sure to include your email address if you are a no-reply/ anonymous commenter.
Then you mail your e-mail address, real name and home mail address
and also your blog address, if you have one to

The sign up will close on January 31, 11.59 p.m. (CET time).

We will match up and send out partner information the following week.
Once you receive your partner's details you can send her an email
to say hello and introduce yourself.

Please send an email to and your partner
 to confirm that you’ve sent your parcel.

Once you received your ‘spring surprises’ could you please blog about them
 (if possible) to publicly thank your partner.
If your partner doesn’t have a blog
 you can post and show your own makings on your blog
so we all can see your wonderful spring surprises.

If you have a blog feel free to add this swap button in your sidebar
Thank you!

Don't hasitate any longer and join us!


Jan 23, 2010

granny squares

in case I made you curious about that wool on my plate (previous post).
I picked up the crochet needle again, found some pretty wool and start crocheting squares.

granny squares

Lots and lots of wool to make many more squares.

wool for grannies

Have a lovely weekend. I hope to see you back on monday,
when Heleen and I will post all details of the spring surprise swap.
So much fun..hope you'll join!

Jan 21, 2010



Both Heleen and I feel so honoured, Dutch sisters is nominated for one of the Poppies. It’s an award ceremony that’s taking place at this lovely blog “ Poppytalk” . The category is for ‘ Favourite Handmade Crafter’ so thank you! If you feel like voting for us (or anyone else, of course) you can do so here (scroll down). Thanks again for your support.

Jan 20, 2010

Today I......

Today I.....
work with colors on my plate. Nothing to show for, yet.

color on my plate

and enjoy colors in my glass vase. This amarelys is blooming for the second time now.


And I was thinking, actually we were.  Heleen and I wondered if any of you would be interested in joining our first swap. Sign up will be somewhere next week. First we have to work out the details.

spring surprise swap
so stay tuned!

Jan 18, 2010

for lack of nothing better to post about...

I can easily fool you with this photo if I wanted to.
This looks like a finished tablerunner, right?


But I won't do that...


ofcourse I won't do that!!

Jan 15, 2010

Gnomes seen on flickr

This one is for Elizabeth from "creative breathing".
She's having a gnome blog party going on.
It's so cute and so much fun, go check it out for yourself!

gnomes on flickr
1. gnome in a nutshell 02, 2. Gnome and Fawn, 3. Gnome Sweet Gnome, 4. Tiny Garden Gnome, 5. Itty gnome!, 6. Gnome, 7. NOMs, 8. gnome_deer, 9. Gnome-Land, 10. Gnome and Frog, 11. Mushroom House: Red, 12. IMG_5745, 13. Wood Mushroom Trinket Box, 14. Gnome Needlebook, 15. Gnome, 16. Crafting 365/ Day100


Jan 13, 2010

OPAM 2010

It's still cold outside. Even calico cat found himself a pleasant warm place in front of the central heating.

stay warm

I'm up in my attic dug around for unfinished projects.
I joined "OPAM 2010", The one project a month challenge 2010.

This will be my change to get some things finished.
My problem, you see, when I'm  in the middle of a project
I start something completely new!   


So, here is a glimpse of  a tabble runner or mini quilt (not sure yet) I started here.
This will be my Januari challenge!

Jan 11, 2010


When I came down this morning the house smelled like flowers.
Hyacints have a very strong scent. You either hate or you love it.
Well, i love that sweet flowery, fruity smell!

That strong hyacint perfume made me want to wear my flowery skirt!

flowers on my skirt
And talking about flowers
See this fantastic link, LPF ribbons.
You probably know about this site but it is totally new to me!
They have the most gorgeous ribbons.
Here are some of my favorites!
Have a flowery monday too!

Jan 10, 2010

Happy sunday

greetings for you from three little Dutch girls

wearing little Dutch aprons...

three little dutch girls aprons

A happy Sunday from me too!

PS. Thank you for all your lovely comments on last post. Many of you asked where they could buy these jars. All I know is that my MIL purchased them at the AH store.

Jan 7, 2010

after all the jam is eaten

Bonne Maman confiture comes in lovely shaped jars with a checkered lid on.
After eating all the jam don't throw away the empty jars.
They are handy for storing buttons, beads, needles etc.....
And they look great too!

Bonne Maman confiture jars

Thank you MIL for eating lots of jam and saving the empty jars for me!

Jan 5, 2010

Just another Tuesday

It's still winter outside and I'm sitting cozy upstairs in my own little space.

attic view

Drinking coffee and eating kitkat's, they are low in calories, you know (lol)! I'm looking at family pictures I picked up from the store this morning. They turned out great. Luca's first time in the snow.

coffee break

Here is Daantje (that's her name)with her gorgeous flowery apron on.
Isn't she cute? She's posing for me so I can take her photograph.


drinking tea

You can see she loves flowers by the cross-stitch flowers on her apron and the roses on her dress.


I made a start on Daantjes friends. They don't have all their bodyparts yet and one needs a face. But the girls aprons are done!

waiting to get finished

I'm going now, make myself a second cup of coffee!
See you next time!

Jan 4, 2010

Welcome 2010

Hello everyone, how are you all! Did you survive the holiday season?
Well we did alright, although I only have to will eat low calorie food
for the next few weeks or so!

A new year calls for a new calender.


This new one is hanging in my craftsroom. It's actually a birthday calender.
It contains beautiful cross-stitch sampler patterns
and a farmers saying for each month.
The calender is published by Tesseschade-Arbeid Adelt

Don't ask me to translate January's saying in English.
I'm sorry I don't think I can.
However if one of you can, please sent me the translation
and I'll be happy to add it to this post.

Besides all the eating I did this past two weeks
I also managed to squeeze some crafty time in.
A new doll. She asked me for some polkadot shoes....

new cloth doll

And who am I to say no...

polkadot shoes

Have a good start of January's first week!