Jan 30, 2009

Time flies

Can you believe it's almost February? One month can pass by so quickly feels like New Year was just yesterday!

almost February

Thank you for all the good advice on how to keep my flowers fresh for a longer time. I went to the market today and bought roses and see if it works.

fresh flowers for the weekend

I also brought home with me these lovely magazines. Some people buy snacks and unnessesary food when they go shopping on an empty stomach. Not me...I always buy food magazines. Drooling over the yummie pictures is enough satisfaction for me. Sadly for members of my household, I rarely prepare a recipe out any of these books!

new magazines

And how about this beautiful piece of art from Rob Ryan. It came as a little extra in the new flow magazine. I put it in a black frame, maybe a white was better...not completely sure.

raamsticker  van Rob Ryan

Last photo is a peek preview of a gift i made this afternoon for a certain someone. More about that later....

a small peek

Have a wonderful weekend you'll!

Jan 28, 2009

this and that

I don't really have anything exciting to write about. I've really just been occupied with work, daily affairs and a bit of crafting here and there. I finished the blocks for project improv. It was a bit of a struggle but I've managed to complete two blocks, and I like the result. There is a project improv group on Flickr, go check it out. It is so cool to see how different people interpret the same project in so many different ways!

project improv block 1 project improv block 2

I came across this cute children's tea set, decorated with the cutiest designs, at Kruitvat I could not resist buying it.

children's tea set

I also have a weakness for yummie fabrics, could not resit this either! Just love the combination red and white and the pretty flowers.

yummie fabric

Talking about flowers...I desperate need to refresh this lot! Tulips are beautiful flowers but it seems I never can keep them fresh longer than a day or three. Maybe you can give me some good advise on that?

in desperate need of new flowers

And to end this post I love to show you this pretty charmpack that arrived in the mail. "Recess" by American Jane for Moda Fabrics.

Wouldn't this be a nice lay-out for a small quilt? Well lots of work to do, see you next time!

p.s. Julie from knitsational is having a blog giveaway...all beautiful hearts, so if you love hearts go see her.

Jan 22, 2009

Thursday already!

...Hard to believe, the week has just flown by. It's in the afternoon and its raining! I have to do urgent grocery shopping -i don't believe there isn't anything eatable left in the house- but I hate going out in this weather! As you can see I still have some Christmas decoration hanging in the window. I love this one, especially the little hearts and red figures. I bought them at Ikea, the tree with the stars at the end is from the triftshop.


Hearts...can't get enough of them!!


Heart pincushion

heart pincushion

Calico Heart

calico heart

Blue Hearts

blue hearts

This is my first attempt on making project improv blocks. It's not so easy as it might look. I find it diffecult to think outside the box and improvise. I'm making the blocks in green/ blue and used the red polkadot for a bit of spicing up. Not sure if I will keep it this way, maybe the red is to much?

project improv

I'm off to the supermarket now and make sure this family can eat dinner tonight!

Jan 20, 2009

early Valentine birds

The valentine birds are done

Valentine birds

they were so much fun to make.


I found some button hearts to sew on the wings


And a wooden heart for on the birds leg.

valentine bird

I love the color combination red and sweet!
Till next time...hope to have more crafty stuff to tell you than!

There is a blog giveaway here, go over if you want to enter!

Jan 12, 2009

monday blues

No better way to beat the “Monday Blues” than start making something new!

making birds

Using colors pink and red some trim and an old napkin

heart detail

Listen to a nice tune on the radio while sewing.


That's what I heart...hope you have a fine day too!

Jan 6, 2009

good intentions (again)

I'm glad the holiday season is over and life is back to normal again. All the decorations are put away for next december The tree is stripped and put outside where he immediately got re-decorated by mother nature this time in snowy white.

Christmas tree

I had had good intentions (for years) to make my own Christmas cards. Wel..the balance for this year...I made one! Remind me to get an early start next time!


Talking about good intentions.. I want to finish of this quilt, deadline: December, 31, 2009. Yes, I know (deep down) deadlines don't work for me but at least I like to think they do!

quilt in box

It's a star sampler quilt. The top is almost finised. I've done the piecing by hand in a time where I didn't need glasses yet. And I can tell you..that's a long while ago!

sterrenquilt in progress

compass ster

Lately I'm more attracted to machine piecing. It sure works a lot faster! look at the back of this compass...all those stitches!

compass back

Only a few triangles have to be sewn on to the border and then the border sewn on to the quilt. I'm thinking of using cotton for the batting.

border for star quilt

But first things first..see if I can find my glasses and start stitching.