Jul 31, 2007

found treasures

Thank you for all the nice comments on my last post. Our son is back home from the hospital and I'm happy to say that he is doing very well.

We temporary placed a bed in the livingroom for him and I practice a bit of nursing. Not that he's waiting for his mother to do so but hè, I'm his mother!

I almost finished the little quilt that my mother arranged see this post

And I've been busy sewing some crazy nine patch blocks using my lovely french fabrics for the
Dollquilt challenge August


Last saterday I went to a triftstore and found some great stuff. I was very lucky this time see pictures below.

Ribbons.... love those colors!

P7280849 P7310886
P7310888 P7310889
P7310890 P7310891
These hand embroidery patterns are on one long piece of fabric and originaly made as a wallhanger. I don't know yet how I will use them, maybe in a quilt?

Petrus regout Maastricht
And finally this blue plate for my blue china collection. This one has a label on the back from Petrus regout Maastricht. It cost me five euro's, don't think that was too much, do you?

Jul 26, 2007

knee trouble

Just a quick post today.
Today our son went to the hospital for a knee surgery. He injured his knee by playing basketball. Unlike him I was very nervous so I'm glad the surgery went oke. And if everything still goes oke tomorrow he will be discharged from the hospital. He has a long way to go with rehabilitation but according to his doctor his knee can completely recover. We just have to be patient.
The pictures are from a bag my mother made for him when he was about five years old.
I thought it would be nice to show it here. She made one for every grandchild. All those lovely bags are differend made and they all are many times used!

tas dirk

tas dirk

Jul 22, 2007

France fabrics

The Provence is located in the Mediterranean side of France and is one of my most favourite camping destinations because of the abundant sunshine, wine, markets and the scent of lavender. The landscape is beautiful and there are many old towns and villages to visit. And it's especially fun (not for DH) to discover places where they have fabric stores!
Two of these I want to share with you because you can buy there the most gorgeous france fabrics.

1.) Tarascon a town with a Historical town centre and a midieval castle.
In Tarascon is the Souleïado museum that exhibits the famous Provençal fabric. It is in a 14th. century building in the center of town. This traditional cloth is still being manufactured by the Carles Demery factory and is exported throughout the world. Next to the museum is the Souleïado store. Beside table and bedlinens they have a large colection of fabrics that are great for quilting.

Photo%20112_1 indienne%20de%20nimes2 Photo%20049_1 the museum

2.) 6 kilometres of Tarascon is a little place called Saint Etienne du Grès. It's a small, picturesque village in a quiet and magnificent countryside. It's a nice place to walk around and enjoy the beautiful views.
In the little village is the factory of les olivades established. There is a shop next to the factory where they have the most pretty fabrics. Some fabrics they sell for special prizes!

cord les Olivades the factory and store

Les Olivades
Chemin des Indienneurs
13103 Saint-Etienne du Grès

fabrics from france
My purchases from last years visit. I really love those fabrics, they are so bright and colourful!
I hope to visit those stores again sometime!

Jul 13, 2007


doll quilt

I finished the little quilt I have been making for the doll quilt challenge group. This really was a nice project and my first ever “doll quilt” too!
It's machine pieced and hand quilted. I used flannel fabrics because they are feeling nicely soft and fluffy. I also made knots from embroidery-floss on each point where four squares come together. The colors in the picture are a bit bland. Sorry, this was the best one! I thought it would be lovely to make a picture from the little quilt together with the doll crib that my grandfather made for me when I was a little girl. But after a search through the whole house I still haven’t found the crib! I'm certain it’s stored away somewhere. However I did found the first doll I had when I was a kid which I named “Hansje”. Remarkable coincidence my DH’s name is Hans!
The doll is wearing clothes made by my mother and is in perfect condition. That's because I didn’t play a lot with her. I never was a girly- girl playing with dolls.

first doll

But I like to make little quilts! So guess what my next project will be!
These rectangles were cut and arranged on a dish towel by my mother.
She completely forgotten all about them and doesn't want to finish it off anymore. So I will. It's the perfect size for a little doll quilt don't you think?

ruitjes en streepjes

Jul 5, 2007

on the hoop

Just a quick post this time. Life is moving so fast this week! Busy with work, Family visits and obligations. In between I luckily find some time to quilt!
Have a great weekend everyone, and hopefully I have a finished dollquilt to show next time!

dollquilt challenge june