Nov 30, 2009

angel pattern

So, I finished the angel pattern. Here it is.
Feel free to print the pattern and instructions
if you like to make one yourself.

angel pattern

angels angels

UPDATE: If you have trouble with downloading or printing the pattern please send me an email.
I will send you the pdf file in return.
Pattern Angel

ps: If you have any questions please let me know.

Nov 27, 2009

drinking tea

Enjoy your weekend!


See you again on Monday.

Nov 25, 2009

not an exciting post

There's nothing exciting going on here. I'm still making stitches on the Christmas quilt.
Almost ready for the binding and then it's done, yes!!


Today it's grey and dark outside. Not the perfect light to make pictures.
And to leave this post not completly whitout photo's,

I thought I would show you some that were already on my camera.
These are small cross stitch motives made by my mother in law.
I have them hanging in a frame.
Heleen used these motives for making ornaments.
Oke, not exactly the same but they look alike!

3. 4.
7. 5.
2. 6.

I love old cross stitch motives.
Here are more gorgeous pictures (found on flickr) where I didn't have to use my camera for.
In this mosaic are beautiful projects made by other talented people.
See the links to go and check them out.

flickr inspiration

1. p i n c u s h i o n, 2. Leaves and berries papercutting (40cm x 55cm), 3. Crocheted hearts blanket, 4. Bottle Cap Pincushion #317, 5. Colorful Crafting with Jen: SnoBuddy Family from Knitting at KNoon, 6. mary jane stockings, 7. first quilted cushion, 8. petit cross stitch, 9. Detail, 10. Bracelet, 11. Buck, 12. Christmas Fairy Bunny brooch, 13. HOUSE BAG FOR A SWAP, 14. Embroidery details, 15. Itty-bitty quilt, 16. Button for the "o"

To end this post here's a photo from a project I'm working on with  my own two hands.

folklore nine patch

Not the best picture, but as I told you it's grey and dark outside!

Nov 22, 2009

Sunday inspiration

I went shopping yesterday and brought the new Marie Claire idees back home.
This issue is really, and I mean really beautiful.
It's packed full with the most wonderful inspirational idees.

Marie Claire idees

I've taken some pictures to show, so you can see for yourself.

paper angel

I love the paper made ornaments.
They look so simple and yet so very pretty.

paper christmas trees

Cute deer ornament.


And don't you just adore this sweet crochet pink teacozy!!

crochet teacozy

There's so much more. I better hide this magazine from 'moi'
 before I start making more and more ufo's! I'am the queen of ufo's, you know!

I start machine quilting the Christmas quilt. And as you probably see it looks terrible.
So I removed all the stitches and decided to hand quilt.

Christmas logcabin

But I make large stitches with a large needle so that works real fast!
This way I hope to be on time for the contest.

Christmas logcabin
ps. If you like 'speculaas' go over to my sisters blog. she is holding a yummie giveaway!

Nov 19, 2009

touches of red

The border is just about done and I found the right
fabric for the back that matches perfectly.

found the right fabric for the back

I made another gingerbread heart.
This one is a larger version of the ones I made last year.

gingerbread heart

It so much fun to create something new out of old stuff!
The brown piece was originally a small table cloth with four embroidered corners.
It came from a triftshop. I'm making  the last heart from the last leftover corner.
So, that was one small, old tablecloth well used, I would say!

sewing a heart

Because of a few days off from work I can get a lot of sewing done.
Here is another red angel bag. The same as last years angel bags,
only this time I used a pink and red roses fabric for the lining and added a silk rose.

red angel bag

To end today's post I show you what came in the mail yesterday.
It has nothing to do with today's post title but I'm so happy with this Mary Engelbreit 2010 calendar. I bought this at Amazon.

mary Engelbreit calendar 2010

I'm off now, have to get my Mexican flu shot this afternoon, brrrr!

Nov 17, 2009

A contest, a box and another log cabin

When I got the quilting gallery newsletter from Michele,  
I read about the Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest.
I love to enter this contest but to make a quilt on such short notice!?? Still working on the fall quilt.

Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest

But then it came to me. I have a quilttop, almost done, hidden somewhere.
This will be a perfect opportunity to finaly get this one finished.
So I took a dive into the cupboard and found this box

what's in the box?

Bits and pieces Christmas fabric, most are from the the eighties and nineties.
Probably also the last time this box was opened.

bits and pieces

Here's after I neatly folded the fabric swatches.
Isn't that a lovely pile?

Christmas fabrics

Here is the quilttop. It's a log cabin (again). I stitched the stripes on a background for this one. It needs borders, a back and quilting.
Final submissions to enter the contest is December 7, 2009

December log cabin

I think best thing is to use the machine for quilting.
So I can hopefully finish just in time.
Keep my fingers crossed!

Nov 16, 2009

Monday's quick post

Just a quick post today. I spotted these yummie fabrics over here.
'Lorenza' from Alexander Henry fabrics.


I played a bit with this site photoscape, just to see how these lovely ones would look in a design.


Yes, just as i thought...these fabrics would look lovely indeed.
I put them on my wishlist.
- Better write a note to Sinterklaas!-

squares 2

Have a good start of the week!

Nov 10, 2009

thinking Christmas

The top is almost done.
I try to find matching fabric for borders and the back...

fall quilt

Meanwhile, despite my best efforts to avoid...
I have Christmas on my mind!

Red and green crochet bag

What shall I make this year..

angel back

I love to make ornaments..

button heart

And I love making these angels..


Well, first things first. Back to my fall quilt!
I go for the red flowery fabric and the solid brown for the border

fall quilt corner


Nov 9, 2009

under construction

My house is having some renovations done, new window frames, new plaster, new ceiling. So my weekend was filled with all kind of other non quilting work. -Wipe off grey concrete dust is not one of my most favorite jobs to do-. Let's just say it's all for a good cause!

But today the dust is gone and there are no workmen in the house.
So, I can quietly withdraw myself back into my cozy room upstairs
where the fall quilttop is still waiting to get finished.
I hope to show some pictures of it soon.
Have a good start of the week you all!

Nov 3, 2009

a new "what's in the box"


Boy, it's hard to believe... November already, time past by fast!
Again time to show some pretty drawings from the calendar by Lot van den Akker.
And besides these drawings, so sweet don't you think,
I have no other subject for this post....

calendar calendar
calendar calender

So lets do another "what's in the box".
a) Because I don't have anything else to show here and
b) because I have many, I mean many boxes stuffed with WIP's.
Lifting the lid once in a while reminds me there's still work waiting! 
Big question to myself; why always start new projects???


But I must be honest with you The contents of this box is not mine.
It's not my WIP. It's mom's.
It ended up in my craftsroom because mom didn't felt like finish it anymore.
I said maybe I would but I'm not sure.


When finished it should look something like this.
Sorry for the blurry picture, it was taken from another picture.

wall hanging

The different shapes and figures are glued to the background fabric
by using double Sided iron on stabilizer.
And then sew buttonhole stitches all around.
I love mom's color choices

It realy looks lovely and it would probably be a lovely work to do also,
but you know how things work with WIP's.
Usualy they sit for a long time in a dark box are a closet
waiting for someone who comes along and kindly helps them to a good ending.
Today it's just not this wip's time.

So the lid is back on, the box is closed.
Maybe this wip has more luck next time!