May 27, 2010


...May is almost past, just in time for this months calender page!!


Thank you'll so very much for your congratulations
and sweet words on last post good news.
I didn't start on the baby quilt yet, but I have a plan for the pattern..
and that counts as half the work is done, right!!

Alfabeth quilt
(picture from patchwork book) 
I'm thinking ABC, alfabeth, numbers....
And here are most of the fabrics I'm gonna use.

baby quilt fabrics
Because my daughter wants to re-use the crib they are 
almost similar as the ones I used for Luca's babyquilt.


Enough babyquilt update..
A few weeks ago I saw this lovely tin at AH grocery store
and I couldn't resist buying it.

gorgeous tin

I quicly went up my mothers attic (again) and filled it up with beautiful wool.

yummie wool
Since I crochet my first granny square I'm hooked.
I can't help myself...crochet grannies is one of my favorite things to do right now!

block 1

I'm using Lucy's wonderful methode.

This is it for now, I'm off. Hopefully I'll see you again soon.
I'm sorry for neglecting you.
I'm so, so behind reading your blogs to see what's keeping you'll busy.
I believe there are more than 650 posts waiting in google reader for me!!
Oops..that's a lot!!