Sep 30, 2009

what's up

Well, nothing much really. Yesterday we had a lovely walk in the dunes. It was peacefull and quiet.

Drunense duinen

Clouds filled the sky but the temperature was still nice although October is just around the corner.

drunense duinen
My friends little doggie, here on his search for rabbits,  had a great time too!


Quilting is going slowly. I used recess from moda for the triangles and orange checks for the strips. For the squares in between I used the red and white polka dot.

recess from moda, polkadots and orange checks

Talking about polka dots..........

red and pink Luca

She's a little handfull but always so cheerful and funny, just like her granny!

Sep 24, 2009


Shades of pink

shades of pink

New purchases...roses, polka dots and checks.

roses, polka dots and checks

Coffee and sweet chocolate......

coffee and chocolate

I'm just not sure all these calories are that good for my waist line! ..

Sep 23, 2009

Kaffe Fassett interview

I came across this link on Jane's "sew create it" blog. It's a link to a 45 min. interview with Kaffe Fassett.
It's all about color and inspiration.
Maybe you already saw this interview, but for those who haven't.... get inspired!

kaffe books

Sep 21, 2009

all done

I'm done with my Good Ol' Summertime quilt and I'm pleased with the result. I can only hope my partner does too!

Good Ol' Summertime Mini Quilt

I made this quilt by cutting flowers out of a larger piece of fabric and
attached them on the background using vliesofix and a hot iron. Then I draw stems and leaves with a pencil and covered the pencil lines with embrodery stitches. The borders are sewn on with the machine and I quilted by hand. It's a very bright and colored quilt, I tried to capture summer, and I believe I did.

Good Ol' Summertime Mini Quilt

The quilt is wrapped and ready for sending. As usually I had to wait till the very last date, of course!

ready to sending

Well, and today is the first day of fall and still we enjoying the most lovely weather. So now I'm of to the post office...I've a package to send!

fall flowers

Sep 18, 2009

pre fall weather

Today : sunny

Saterday : sunny

Sunday : sunny

weather today

Have a lovely, (hopefully with sunshine)  weekend too!

Sep 16, 2009

things to do

I had a late start this morning, I was feeling kind of lazy. And the best
way to start a lazy morning is reading the newspaper (in bed) while drinking a big mug of coffee.
Oke, I feel a bit guilty here, there is no time to be lazy.... lots of things have to be done before I go of to work this afternoon. Do laundry, vacuum cleaning the floors, going to the shop for croceries, preparing diner.
You see, my boys do need to eat while I'm at work!
But I can't force myself to do any of those things. I rather be upstairs in my room. Finish a summer quilt, there is a deadline coming up! Finish a little Dutch girl. Sew triangels from squares..
I have to buy more of this fabric so I can make a larger quilt.


I have to make  angels... I promised people an angel...they still are waiting!

angels waiting in line

I have two star points ready for a lonestar...only six to go.

2 points ready for lonestar

And then there is my cutting corner. I desperately need to declutter this area!

cutting corner

first things first....I better run to the store now!

Sep 13, 2009

Dutch Sunday

Cross-stitch couple in Dutch costume. They are part of a large wallhanger.


Two thrifted windmills. I love the dutch blue one!

blauw molentje kruissteek molen

Tulips on a little girls apron.

apron for little Dutch girl

And little Dutch girl, I start sewing her today. She's waiting for a face and two legs and her arms aren't stuffed yet. But when she's finished I'll have to kiss her goodbuy. This little Dutch girl is going to the U.S to life with Sandy and her cute dolls.

little Dutch girl

Last photo has non Dutch links what so ever....I just like this plant on my windowsill.


It's called a lidcactus in Dutch, not sure what de English name for this plant is.

Sep 11, 2009

flowers to start the weekend

I've been to the weekly market this morning and bought myself some pretty pink roses.

roses on the kitchen table

I have this lovely blue coffeepot that is perfect to use as a vase, don't you agree?
Hmmmmm, Fresh flowers on the kitchentable....a good start to the weekend!
 My friends,  I wish you a splendid weekend too!

Sep 9, 2009

mister chair

Meet mister chair who is also my best model. He lives upstairs on the top floor. I believe he's happy there, surrounded by stacks of fabric, books, and most of the time covered by all kind of stuff. I know I'm happy up there! You see, mister chair is up there in my craftsroom.


Besides sewing I also like to take my pictures in that room because of the great daylight that shines through the big window.
Also needed for taking pictures is something to hang or lay items on.
A perfect task for mister chair.

here are some things mister chair showed in the past....

holiday season ornaments


new scarf DSC01982


These are mister chair today's ...

New fabric,

thriftstore find,

voor kaarsjes

and a new bag made by mother,


Oke, I'm gonna rest my bottom on mister chair now and do some sewing.
Great chair that mister chair...I love things that are multifunctional!

Sep 7, 2009

monday morning

Monday morning, ...the washing machine is working overtime.
The dishwasher is washing dishes, and me....
I quilt!

summer swap quilt

Have a crafty monday too!

Sep 4, 2009

that's quick

Please join me for a cup of tea and enjoy my new teapot! It arrived yesterday morning and boy that was quick. I thought it would take a week or three. It's real pretty and goes perfect with my other china. I love a bit of mitch match.

pip teapot

I sort these fabrics for a private doll swap with RaggedySandy.
Not sure yet witch ones I like to use.

red, white,  blue fabrics

But first i have to finish my summer swap quilt!
Although my fingers are itching to get started!


Have a lovely weekend everyone! Before I go I love to share this cat with you. I copied this from the cover of Maison Idees Magazine no 38. I bought this magazine while I was in French and I love this 'chat héroïque'. I believe it's a doorstop (can't read French language)...See the bandage on his tail, so funny!

on the cover "maison IDEES magazine"