Mar 27, 2008

Rabbits and a winner

Wow...I was stunned by all the comments I received on the giveaway post. There were so many!!
Thank you each and everyone of you, you all make my day!
So this morning was the big moment. I put all the names in a box and asked dd (she's expecting her first baby) to pick out one name.

And the winner is: Katherine from sew me something good
Congratulations Katherine, there will be a package sent of to you somewhere next week!

Now, let me show you my little project for upcomming weekend. I decided to join the stitch-along Noah's Ark BOM from Lynette anderson designs. This is my very first attempt on making a stichery, I like doing it so far.
I choose the gingham fabrics to use between the stitchery blocks. I hope to show the result next week!

the rabbits

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Happy stitching!!

Mar 25, 2008

more tea cozies

Easter was cold, snow white, hail and sunshine...we experienced it all!
But it was warm inside so I spent some time behind the sewing machine to make two new tea cozies for the dutch sisters shop.

house shaped teacozy

They were lots of fun to make and for a special touch I gave each one different curtains.

curtain style

The one in the middle (above) is not finished yet.

house shaped teacozy

And I made a little basket to hold teabags in. It's from the same pattern as the one from my previous post.

The post on which I received so many lovely comments, I feel overwhelmed. Tomorrow is the last day to enter this giveaway and the drawing and announcement of the winner will be on thursday.
So if you want to be in for this drawing, please feel free to leave a comment.
I'm of now, have to finish the pink flower cozy!

Mar 18, 2008

1 year anniversary

basket tutorial

Hip, hip, blog is 1 year old!! A year sure goes fast, doesn't it? I learned so much trough blogging, such as writing better English (lol) but best of all...I met you and so many other wonderful people!
Thank you'll for coming by and letting me share a little bit of my creative thoughts with you. It's so inspiring to visit your blogs too!
I really want to celebrate my blog's first anniversary with you so I made a little gift basket ( with suprise) to giveaway and I also made a tutorial on how to make one.
If you want to enter the draw all you have to do is leave a comment before wednesday march 26.
So feel free to join in also if you don't have a blog you are still very welcome!

Tutoriol "How to make a gift basket"

Step 1.)

Draw a basket like the one in the picture. You can make a larger or smaller basket by changing measurements.
Cut the pattern out.

Step 2.)

Pinn the pattern on the fabric add seam allowances and cut the pattern out.
Place the pattern for the outside basket on the fold.

1 2

you'll have three parts.

Step 3.)

place both lining fabric pieces on outside fabric piece with the right sides together and sew the top left and right, see picture.

This is how it should look.


Step 4.)

Fold the fabric with the right sides together and sew all around leaving an opening on the side of the lining fabric, see photo.


Step 5.)

Turn the basket inside out and sew the opening closed.


Push the lining into the outside fabric piece.

turned inside out

Step 6.)

Add cord, string or ribbons and sew them on the basket as you pleased.
Buttons, beads, you can use anything to make it a fancy basket.

For those who want to give this pattern a try, I hope you enjoy and please let me know how it turned out, I really like to know!

Mar 6, 2008

triftstore embroidery & Japanese fabric

These hand embroidery patterns were once part of one long piece that originaly was made as a wallhanger. I bought this wallhanger last july in a triftstore ( see this post). I thought they could came in good use for another project someday.

My creation

And these are my Japanese fabrics. I saved them for a special project too! Not yet knowing what project that would be!

Japanese fabric

But last week I had the embroidery patterns in my hand and saw how well the colors blended with the colors of the Japanese fabrics. Then I knew how to use them.... a quilted wallhanging!

wall hanging

I kept it simple by sewing stripes in different sizes around the embroidery patches and then cut the patches in six equal sized squares.
The finished top is ready now for basting and quilting, a lovely little work for doing this upcoming weekend!

Have a lovely creative weekend too!