May 29, 2009

A finish, squares, hearts and some doubt

Thanks so much for all your compliments and wonderful comments on the "dollie blankie" from last post. Crochet these little squares is such fun. It's also a lovely little work to cary along in my bag. I can crochet in the car (on the passenger seat ofcourse), out in the sun or while having a break. I can even watch tv and chrochet at the same time. Once I've enough squares I sew them into a blanket, maybe a larger size this time.


According to the weather forecast this weekend will be sunny and warm. Perfect weather for doing some work in the garden. I bought this hydrangea for on the terrace. Perfect pink!


More pink... I'm not sure yet how to make this mini quilt. Are the green hearts to green...should I add more color, blue maybe?

hearts and nine patch

not sure yet...

Oo and before I is another finished project....
The Dutch checker and stripes nine patch!

checkers and stripes nine patch

checkers and stripes nine patch

Have a wonderful weekend!

May 26, 2009


afghan for a doll stroller

I’m not a very good, adventurous or fast crochetter, but TADA!!!...See here I finished the afghan I made for Luca's doll stroller.
I know the crochet squares seems a bit crooked here and there. Still I can't care less and love it anyway! Now I'm on the look out for fabric that goes well with the afghan to make matching bedding.
Luckely I don't have to hurry, Luca can't push the stroller yet. Instead she love to sit in it and let herself pushed around by someone high speed that is!

afghan for a doll stroller

Have a wonderful day!

May 18, 2009

never enough time

The nine patch quilttop is finished and even though I have not much experience with machine quilting I thought to gave it a try anyway! Sometimes I see people do free motion quilting, that's so great...wish I could do that. I stick to straight forward lines, hard enough to keep it straight!

quilting with the machine

I'm sewing on a dark blue mitered quilt binding.


Next time I'll show you the finished (small) quilt.
I have an idea in my head of what I want to make for the mini quilt swap. I'm gathering bits and pieces, combining colors and fabrics. Hope to show you more about that next post too.

In case I have extra free time left, yes right..haha, how about this lovely teapot cushion! I really love to make this one day. I found the picture in a Japanese quiltmagazine. I believe it's an issue from the '90s, not sure..don't read Japanese language that well. The colors red, blue white...just my favorite.

teapot cushion

Okay, so I'm off to sew on the binding, make a mini quilt, crochet granny's and finishing of all my other wip's. Maybe I'll have free time then!

May 11, 2009


We came home yesterday from a lovely vacation in Zeeland. After 10 days living a relax lifestyle it's back to reality today. Our washing machine is working overtime, I have to do grocery shopping to fill up the empty cupboards, think about what we gonna eat for dinner tonight...
I have some serious pruning to do in the backyard, green is taking over!
The wisteria is a beauty though.


And so is this clematis.
Sadly there is no activity seen in and around the birdhouse lately so I think the tomtit has build his nest somewere else.


I turned over a new page on the calender almost half May! Oo, this reminds me..almost time for my dentist appointment..AchHHH!!


I joined a mini quilt swap and just before I got hooked on the granny's. I made this ohio star. I'm not sure if i will use it for this swap. The mini quilt has to be spring inspired so maybe some spring flowers?

Ohio star

At the moment granny squares is all I do to fill up the free minutes.


Before I end today's post I want to show you this cute childsgame I found on a fleemarket last week. I believe it's from the '60.

wolly dolly

Inside are these lovely dolls waiting to get dressed. Isn't this cute!

wolly dolly dolls

I believe I hear the ' i'm ready signal' of the dryer, so duty calls!
Have a great start of the week!

May 7, 2009

learned new skills

Hello again,

hello me

It's very windy in Zeeland..but we have sun!!

a windy day

The weather is great for making long walkes on almost empty beaches.

empty beach

I discovered another "Zeeuws meisje".
She is bleached out of sitting in the sun for to long.

zeews meisje

I purchased some cotton yarn in a wolshop in Westkapelle

cotton yarn

And thanks to this great tutorial from Lucy of attic24 I learned how to crochet granny squares. Thanks Lucy for your clear pictures and instructions.

granny squares

That's it for now, the sun is calling to come outside.
Have a wonderful day!

May 4, 2009

Happy Monday morning greetings...

from our campsite. This lovely "Zeeuws meisje" is looking down the street from behind a window in Veere , a pittoreske small city.

zeeuws meisje

In case you wonder what is she doing with a laptop on vacation? I finaly have time to do some blogging in between bike rides and late afternoon beach walks, visiting beautiful places, eating wonderful diners and of course making stitches. I'm off again....see you later!

May 2, 2009

A message..

In case you missed me… I’m camping in zeeland.
So far the weather is lovely.
Yesterday I wore my pink bathing suit to the beach and you know what?
You were so right…it wasn’t too pink at all!
Today we’re having a lazy day. I found these pretty ones in a local shop.


And just couldn’t help myself I had to start sewing immediately.

doing patchwork outside

Isn’t that what they call being addicted?