Jun 27, 2007

doll quilt challenge

The other day I was just blogging around when I discovered a doll quilt challenge group on Flickr. After reading the theme of challenge for the month June I got real enthusiastic ( I just love making nine patch). So I joined the group and start working on the doll quilt right away.

June challenge: "the disappearing nine patch"
It's a real simple pattern. Start with making a big square out of nine equal sized little squares. Then cut through the big square both vertically and horizontally so you end up with four equal sized squares. Rearrange these four squares to make a different pattern. Make as many blocks as needed.
There are many various patterns possible, that's what makes it so fun.
The colors I used are very, very (candy) sweet. But I quess because it's a dollquilt it doesn't matter.

doll quilt challenge/ June

where did the nine patch go?


made this card from little bits and pieces out the wastebasket.
Hope to share more photos and progress next time!

Jun 20, 2007



Yesterday I received my first Etsy purchase. This lovely creature made by Fluffy Flowers.
Her name is "Carolina". She came together with her little friend the mouse.
And I can tell you; It was love at first sight! They are adorable! Thank you Felicia!

Another creature that made me real happy is "calico cat".
She was an unfinished project that I have been finished of this week. I'm so happy with the way she turned out, and I can't say that of everything I make (lol). I used a nine-patch pattern, one of my favorite patterns. And I like the combination of the colors red & white.

calico cat

Jun 14, 2007


Pfff.. The ironing is done!
And because I haven’t done anything else, their is nothing to show here.
So I took a photo from a sampler I made in 1996, sorry not the best photo!
And thought to share it with you.
It’s in cross-stitch and shows a little family history.


Maybe one day this will be a family heirloom, or it ends up somewhere on a
dusty attic? Who knows?

Jun 12, 2007


I don't have much time for blogging this week. There are to many other things that have to be done.
I'm busy working in and out the house. I'm behind with ironing, so far behind that my household members are beginning to be a little bit desperate by now! They all got empty closets.

This is just one of the...... baskets!!
Isn't ironing just one of the things to hate most about housekeeping?

But I'm making good progress on the applique quilt I'm still on schedule!!

P6120842 P6120844

Jun 6, 2007

polka dots

First I want to Thank everybody for all the lovely comments on my last post. Blogger doesn't always send a persons email-adress along with a comment, so I didn't got the chaince to thank everyone personal.
When I was taken the pictures of the quilt at my daughters home I also made a picture of her Oilily servies. I find this so lovely and colourful with all the polka dots. It makes me happy just to look at it.


M is collecting this servies piece by piece at Douwe Egberts with coffee-points. Those points come with the coffee and tea you buy from Douwe Egberts. Lots and lots of points are needed. Luckily M has the whole family saving for her, otherwise she was a nervous wreck by now from drinking all that coffee!!
koffiepotkop en schoteloranje bordsuikerpot

Jun 1, 2007

vogeltjes (birds) quilt


Here are some pictures of the quilt I talked about in my previous post.
The books of Jean Ray Laury inspired me to make this quilt. I started with one little bird, I just had followed an appliqué course and really liked the technique. I had no intention to make a quilt out of it. But after bird one was done I made another bird and another one. I just could'nt stop. Slowly it became a quilt. I planted a appletree in the middle. The border with the flowers was real fun to make. I love all the round shapes.
The fabrics I used for the triangles and the border are a replica from an old dutch chintz. I bought these by “the Haan en Wagemakers’. Applique, sewing and quilting is all done by hand.
This quilt was also shown at the yearly quiltshow of the Dutch quilters society. I was so proud!!

My daughter gave the quilt a beautiful place in her home.

detail of the border

The light green leafs are cut out an old blouse of mine

I made a personal label on the back of the quilt in cross-stitch.