Jun 20, 2007



Yesterday I received my first Etsy purchase. This lovely creature made by Fluffy Flowers.
Her name is "Carolina". She came together with her little friend the mouse.
And I can tell you; It was love at first sight! They are adorable! Thank you Felicia!

Another creature that made me real happy is "calico cat".
She was an unfinished project that I have been finished of this week. I'm so happy with the way she turned out, and I can't say that of everything I make (lol). I used a nine-patch pattern, one of my favorite patterns. And I like the combination of the colors red & white.

calico cat


judith said...

So cute, your calico cat!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

That etsy shopping is fun. You could probably sell your cat on there. But, I'd keep cute!

qusic said...

both cats are cute, I have a faible for red & white, what a pity it doesn't match with my kitchen cupboards, the applique heart makes it !

Anonymous said...

They both look right at home! I'm so glad you love them :) Your little kitty is adorable too.

Berber said...

Wat een lieve lapjeskat!

Margaret said...

I just love bright colors, they make me feel happy. I am having a great time reading your whole blog and have put you in my favorites. This red and white kitty makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

That's is a lovely cat, can I use this picture for my new blog's header? I'd love to.