Jun 14, 2007


Pfff.. The ironing is done!
And because I haven’t done anything else, their is nothing to show here.
So I took a photo from a sampler I made in 1996, sorry not the best photo!
And thought to share it with you.
It’s in cross-stitch and shows a little family history.


Maybe one day this will be a family heirloom, or it ends up somewhere on a
dusty attic? Who knows?


Berber said...

Mooi, het wordt vast een erfstuk!

Anonymous said...

Incredible!! the boarder is fantastic!

Marisa said...

This is beautiful. I hope it doesn't end up in an attic, it deserves a place of honor!

Anonymous said...

It might even end up on the Antiques Road Show one day ;) Its very pretty!

Dana said...

Of course it will end up an heirloom! Beautiful!

Rose Marie said...

Your sampler is just too sweet to end up in an attic!

kristin said...

it's LOVELY!! i love the little peacocks in the bottom center. :) i have such a weakness for cross stitch...nice to see one here...thanks. xx