Dec 31, 2008

Wishing you.....

Happy Newyear

I wish all of you the very best in this new year to come..
may all your wishes come true!

Happy New Year!

Love to you all!

Dec 17, 2008

little Dutch girl

First I must say a thank you for all the warm and lovely comments and e-mails I've had over the last week or so. I love reading them and appreciate them all and want to apologise for how neglectful I've been in answering them. I haven’t been great at keeping up my blog lately. No real excuse except winterblues and lots of activities. I had to do some shopping, decorating, cleaning, go to work and my favorite activity of all.. babysitting this lovely sweetheart.


I also need to spend some considerable time cleaning up my sewing room. Hmm..actually not only my sewingroom!!
I do have to write all my Christmas cards.

writing Christmas cards

And then when I still was desperately looking for new inspiration to get my creative parts going again.... the mailman delivered me a package!
Look what was inside.

Dutch girl pegdoll

This O soooo adorable Dutch girl pegdoll made by Elizabeth from creative breathing. She also made the pretty notecard.
Thank you so much Elizabeth, you made me so very happy!

Dutch girl pegdoll

I love all the little details, Elizabeths work really is perfect.

Dutch girl pegdoll

I believe I've been inspired!

Dec 2, 2008

not a jetlag!

We are home from our wonderful vacation for over a week now and still I can't get myself behind this computer to blog. We had a super time! lovely sunny weather, beautiful surroundings and we spend a lot of time with family.
The nine-patch quilt was finished and delivered.

nine patch quilt

And I saw beautiful objects through my camera lens.

Sansevieria trifasciata angel sculpture

This vase with colorful crocheted flowers...just love it! Wish I had a pattern of those..( + wish I knew how to crocket!)
I took this photo at the Robert Brady museum.


And now back in daily life...I've a lot of catching up to do on reading all of your blogs plus I have to find some inspiration somewhere to get my crafty motor running again! Hope to see you again soon!

Nov 12, 2008


On Thursday Heleen, mom and me are going on a two weeks vacation and during that time I won´t be able to do any posting on this blog. So I´m having a kind of forced break from blogging . But at the end of November I'll be back with (hopefully) lots of new things to show and tell.
Oo, and do you remember this nine patch quilt, it's a gift made by Heleen, mom and me?


It´s almost finished…and ready to be packed to travel. Next time I´ll show a picture of the finished quilt when it has reached its final destination. For now I leave you with these three lovely angels.


They are an embroidered illustration made by Belinda Downes from the book "silent night". I hope besides singing they do a bit of guarduing as wel, 'I do hate flying'! But then our destination is to far to walk so there is no choise, I'll try to be relaxed about it. I'm of now have to do some packing.... I'll be back end of November, until then!

Take care,

Nov 5, 2008


This post I want to share some interesting and fun links I came across the www lately. First I thought it was time for a new blog banner.

dutch blue

I made this banner with the photo editing site Picnik. It's an easy and fun program to use, even for me, a knownothing on computers. Although I must say, since I became a blogger I've spent more and more time behind one and learned new stuff here and there.
Did you ever heard of "favicons"? Well I didn't but now I have one too. It's that little icon in the url bar. I've changed the orange blogger icon for one I made with the help of this site. After your photo is turned into a tiny icon you get a code wich you copy and past on to the html page of your blog. And that's the most "scary" part! I'm always afraid to go to that page...what if I accidentally changed some of the code and there isn't a blog visible anymore, don't want to think about that thought!

One thing I certainly do want to think about are these gorgeous red cashmere fingerless gloves from 'the purl bee'. You can find the pattern on their site....if only I had more time on my hands!!

And how about this cute little mouse house & family from pottery barn kids! Wish we had a pottery barn store over here.

Another store where beautiful wishlist items easily can be found is; Clothkits

I especially adore this skirt with the papercut pattern on. And the little red dress would be so lovely for Luca. Ooh and before I go I've to show you these four beauties from Modern Nursery

These Jess Brown tea dyed dolls are so adorable.. one of them belongs on my wishlist for sure! My birthday isn't before next year and Santaclaus and Sinterklaas are not in town I better stop dreaming and drag myself away from this computer and go do the grocery shopping otherwise the husband find empty pots and pans (again) when he comes home!

Oct 27, 2008

reusing treasures

Mix up a small brown seventies cross-stitched tablecloth, an old blouse not wearable because of its wrong collar but yet with a gorgeous pattern and add some new red and white gingham lace.

thrifting finds

And voila....a heart is made.




I bought the brown tablecloth at a fleemarket so it was someone else who put all the love in the stitches. I like to make new things by reuse old objects and materials and give them a second live. The blue dishes (photo below)were also found at the fleemarket and are in the kitchen kabinet now for daily use.

blue dishes

And so is this small glass dish.

glass dish

Isn't thrifting just great, you never know what treasures you'll find!!

Oct 22, 2008

nine patch & birds

As this picture shows...all squares ended up into nine patches which on their turn ended up in a bigger quilttop. And now this quilttop is in need of a border and some fabric for the back of the quilt. So time to ask mom what fabric she has in mind for this purpose. When this quilt is sandwiched, Heleen, mom and I are gonna handquilted it together. With six hands making stitches it will be a quick job!

nine patch quilt
Instead of finishing old projects which are desperatly waiting to get finished I made birds. Sorry I can't help myself!

red & white spotted bird
I'm not so happy with the eyes of this one below, maybe I'll change them for button eyes instead. If you have another suggestion on what to use or how to make the eyes please let me know!

Till next time

Oct 11, 2008

jolly spotted bird

Just a short post to show you this little birdie and to tell you that sewing the nine patches is going fine!

jolly spotted bird
Do you see the shadow in this photo? We have sunshine, really lovely weather outside. So than, what am I doing here behind the computer???

Help.. I'm incorrigible..!

Oct 9, 2008

it's squares again

To make a quilt for someone special ( in only four weeks time!) you will need:

pile of squares
1.) Squares, lots of squares!

note: Fabric and color arrangement plus the cutting is done by "mom".

nine patch
2) A pattern that is both simple and delightful. So nine patch it is!

3.) TIME! Hopefully upcomming weekend?

I'll keep you posted. Have a nice day!

Oct 1, 2008

and the winner is....

Today its time for the custom random generator to do its random work and pick a lucky number. Many thanks to each of you for stopping by and leaving those lovely comments.

So one number was picked from 1 - 85 (wow!!)
And the lucky winner is comment 10 ...Mette from Erleperle.
Mette congratulations, please mail me your address and I'll sent you the angelbag soon as possible!
And talking about angels.....see this sweet little girl "Luca".

She's now two months old and brings so much joy and happiness in our lives.
Look...she almost says the words "I love you oma" (lol).
Being a grandmother is so much fun and I like to spent lots of time with her.

On the crafty front its a bit slow this week, I'm still making cross-stitches though...

This is a gray hema pillowcase and I'm using white thread for the x-stitches.

And yesterday this lovely fabric came with the mail. I bought this fat quarter bundle from Fat quarter shop

new fabric

These are Cotton Blossoms Aqua and Autumn from the Bonnie and Camille collection for Moda fabrics. I don't know what to make of them yet but for now they are making me happy just to look at!

Sep 27, 2008


In Last post I was just teasing you... ofcourse it's an angel!
I stitched a few...Two are on the front of a small bag and will go into the shop.
Two are still in progress....


And this little red angel bag likes to go travel.....She has not found a destination yet and so she´s looking for a place to stay. Maybe you can help her out by letting her stay at your place? If so please let me know by leaving a comment on this post. She will draw a name somewhere next week and I will happely send her off. You would make her sooo happy!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Sep 24, 2008

looks like an angel

Just a quick post on something i'm working on. It has to do with the color red, white, stitcheries and some sewing. Curious? I'm too...not sure yet how to make these ingredients to a good ending!
Keep you posted!