Sep 27, 2007

what's in the box?

A few posts back I showed you a box with it's contents, a "work in progress". I don't know if I told you, but I have many, I mean many boxes stuffed with WIP's. So I thought to bring in a new item on this blog called; "what's in the box".
Today box 2.

In it are two little embroidery works on linen. I bought the patterns in a shop in Antwerp (Belgium). A very beautiful shop that we had discovered on one of our shopping days. Sadly, the shop was gone the next time we visited Antwerp!
Full enthusiasm I started stitching until one day this little project wasn't in my head anymore!
Knowing me, I probably started something new, leaving this project in the box, forgotten!

This is the reason why I started this adorable embroidery pattern; the clothesline with all the quilts hanging on it! Isn't it lovely? A nice little cottage, Amish people picking blueberries....

My mother-in-law started to work on this pattern in the same period. I gave it to her as a present. But when she finished it, she gave it back to me so that I could hang the two of them together.
I feel ashamed for the fact that it's ten years (or more?) later and they still are in the box!
So I made a promise to myself, to have this finished and framed in the next month.
Hope I can keep that promise!

Note: I found this link on the internet with the original photo of the blueberry homecoming pattern. I changed the words into an alphabet.

Sep 23, 2007

let's quilt!


Just a little update on my last post.
As you can see I'm busy quilting. I like quilting by hand, using a hoop. With a hoop I find it easier to rotate and handle the quilt. Another reason is; my stitches become more even. I quilt a heart pattern in each triangle, I like to keep it simple. Hopefully I can show you a finished result next time I post!

moo cards

This is what I came home to on friday! My Moo cards... they were waiting for me on the doormat. So cute...don't you just love them!

new fabrics For I forget.... I have two more new fabrics added to my Kaffe Fassett collection. I particularly like the purple border fabric!
I hope to make a quilt out of my "Fassett's" some time! That's after I've find a nice pattern and my collection is grow out of its box!

Sep 18, 2007

playing with scraps

Lately I see so many posts filled with pictures of lovely scrap quilts,
that it inspired me to start making one too! A little quilt.
I use the mile a minute technique. You find a great tutorial here. Only I made a small difference. After I sew all the blocks I cut them in half diagonal. Then I rearranged the triangles in to a nice pattern and sew them togheter. It's a fast and simple way of using scraps.

This is what was left on my cutting table! I'm off now, have to cook some dinner. Otherwise my DH thinks I'm on the computer all day!

Sep 14, 2007

new blogger on the block

I'm happy to introduce you to my sister Heleen. She recently started a blog and wrote her very first post today! Her blog is still under construction and she's learning her way around it. It will be a pretty one I'm sure! She always makes such beautiful things. So take a little peek here to check things out and I'm sure she love it when you say hello!

Sorry Heleen... I put you on my blog, now you realy have to work on it!

Sep 12, 2007

blog block

Last week was a non creative one. I didn't do any sewing, knitting, stitching, no... nothing at all.
Though I was busy allright! I had my work outside the house, son's birthday, school (which I started last monday) and some household duties. And now I'm stuck here suffering a bit from blogblock. Don't have anything new to share!

So time to take the lid of the box and show you an (very) old w.i.p


It's an embroidery pattern from germany called "der haustierbaum". I think the correct english translation is: the animals tree.

der haustierbaum

der haustierbaum

My embroidery work so far....

der haustierbaum

I use Schürer embroidery floss for this project. The shops don't sell that brand anymore so I use whatever there is left in the box, and that's enough to get my going for some time!

embroidery floss

The only thing I have to do is find some time!!

Sep 5, 2007

single socks

I'm happy to tell you that my mail is working again!! Miraculous, after four days not getting in my mailbox he decided to open up again!


There are more things in life that are a mystery. For example; single socks!
They come in to your life as a pair. Doing there job by keeping your feet warm.
You are doing your job by washing the socks on time. And then suddenly without any warning... one is missing!
Sometimes they are gone missing for months, unfindable!
After a while when you realized that they are gone forever you finally got the nerve to throw the other ones (you hold on to) away!
And then like a jack-in-the-box the missing socks pop up again!
Leaving you with a familiar problem.... single socks!

From now on I put away all single socks in a special made bag. They stay in there untill the other one shows up and they can be a pair again! So.. no more lonely socks in the landry basket.

single sock bag

The bag is made on a clothes-hanger so I can hang him on the radiator next to my ironing board.
I used the ribbon I found in the triftstore.

sock in the bag

detail detail detail detail

some details

Sep 2, 2007

No mail today...

I'm writing this post to let you know that my email is not working.
The problems started friday, and after a trillion attempts to fix it, I still can't go in my mailbox!!
I think I have to ask help from a professional. And hopefully then the problem is solved soon.


I have to be patient till then.
So by this post I thank you for your lovely comments and I promise to write a note back to you soon as my email works again!