Sep 13, 2010


How are you, did you have a nice weekend? Ours was lovely,
despite the fact that I had to work.
But first let me thank you all for your lovely warm wishes and welcome
to our grandchild Sofie.
 Everything is still going well, she's doing wonderful.
Remmember the crochet grannies I made this summer.
I'm gonna use them to make pillows.

This book I bought last week. Cath Kidston's sewing lessons for beginners.
It's a lovely book and it contains lovely projects which are not that difficult to make.
The book comes with a complete sewing kit for the bag that's shown on the cover.

Have a good beginning of the week.

ps. In the very near future there will come some major changes for the dutch blue blog.
A small hint....Heleen and I are going to bundle our forces.
So stay allert!

Sep 1, 2010

Baby news!

Meet our new granddaughter Sofie. She was born last sunday, August 29.
All went wonderfully well and both mother and daughter are in good health.


Isn't she lovely..our little bundle of joy.
I'll be back in blogland soon.