Aug 24, 2008

Sunday bird

We had a really lazy Sunday wich I spent sitting around drinking coffee and reading old magazines. I tried cleaning up some clutter here and there but all I really did was moving things around. I watched the closing ceremony of the olympics..very impressive! And I sat behind the sewing machine for a while hoping something good would come out of it. This was the result. Is it a swan a or a chicken? Well, its a weird kind of bird...just named it the "Sunday bird".

sunday bird
sunday bird sunday bird

Today my three weeks vacation also ended...that means tomorrow its back to work, so no more lazy days...snif, snif! No, I'm just kidding...I'm really looking forward to start work again!
Have a good start of the week too!

Aug 19, 2008

still here

Thanks to you all for your lovely warm wishes and welcome to our granddaughter Luca. Here she is, our sweet little girl. She is so fantastic and she does what all babies do (most of the time), sleep and grow!


Things have been a bit quiet lately here on the Dutch blue blog, but that does not mean I have sat still! I kept myself busy with searching for a new cabinet/ bookcase for the bedroom. We had an empty wall since our old cubboard moved out to Luca's room, see this post.

After seeing many, I mean "MANY" differant cubboards, cabinets and bookcases we finaly went for the Billy bookcase system from Ikea. It covers up the whole wall perfectly and the glass doors are making it almost impossible for dust to nest on the shelfs. This is certainly no superfluous luxury for a bookcase in a bedroom!
Ikea's "Billy bookcase"

The bookcase looks still a bit empty now, but not for long, I'm sure!

Aug 3, 2008

baby news

beschuit met muisjes

On august 2, early in the morning our daughter M gave birth to a daughter.
She's our first grandchild..Luca is her name and she's the most adorable, sweet, pretty little baby you can precious.
Mother and child are healthy and doing great.
I would love to show you a photo of her but I've to ask the parents for promision first!
So instead I have for you "beschuit met muisjes". It's traditional food served to celebrate the birth of a baby in the Netherlands, read all about this typical Dutch custom here.
I'm off, this proud oma has to go visit her granddaughter...(again!)