Oct 31, 2007

tea time

tea cozy

It’s four o’clock, time to sit down, put my feet up and enjoy a nice cup of tea.
Usually I drink tea only in the morning when I’m having breakfast and then drink coffee for the rest of the day.
But I’m trying to cut down on coffee so that’s why I’m having tea now! Rooibos ( red bush Tea) or earl grey, those are both my favourites.
Just wondering what is your favorite tea? I like to try more flavours, so do you have any recommendations?
DS baked cookies...hmm.. they taste better then they look! You should see my kitchen now!

tea cozy detail
A row of tulips under a window.

tea cozy
I made this tea cozy from the Dutch fabrics I recently bought. The pattern is my own design and it fits perfectly around the teapot keeping the tea warm!
Well, I pour myself another cup and eat another cookie before they are all gone!
Have a nice day!

Oct 25, 2007


Next weekend the clock will switch from summertime to wintertime. And for we know autumn will go over in winter. Just eight weeks before it's time goes fast! Days will get shorter. And we are all spending more time in the house, making things cozier. What I like most about wintertime is that the evenings get longer, so there is more time to do crafts.
My creation

I was playing around on this site and made these polaroid photos.
"Oeps" the one below gives a glimps of my SSCS project.
Who likes green and pink?

SSCS  peek preview

Oct 21, 2007

sewing necessities box

A few years ago, I made this box at a workshop. It's made from cardboard and fabric. At that time everyone was making boxes for all kind of purposes. This one is a sewing necessities box.

sewing box

See the inside It has a little holder for spools. And a wooden spool with a magnet attached on it for holding needles.


Do you see the little doll... she has a ribbon around her waist with on the other end a small pair of scissors. I can hang her around my neck when I'm sewing. The dolls dress can be used as a pincushion.

sewing supply bag

Here a photo of what's becoming a small sewing necessities bag. Is this the right word for it?? The little bag is for holding the spools etc.

dutch folklore fabric

I managed to do some shopping last week. One of my favorite things to do, as you now know from my previos post!
This is what I bought. Lovely Dutch folklore fabric and some ribbon!

Oct 18, 2007


This halloween sweet treat was given to me by JJ from nature nut.
Thanks JJ.

Now it's my turn to give out a sweet treat to three random bloggers.
So the sweet treats go to these three wonderful bloggers....

Karol-Ann from: sew much fabric, sew little time, sew true
Belém from: de ponto em nó
Linda from: all stitched up

Feel free to pass it on!

Also this past week I've been tagged by Sue from the magpie's nest and a while ago by Leanne from the stitching room to do a meme about 7 true things.
So here it goes.....

1.) I'm a stay up late person, I usually never go to bed before 12 at night.
Of course I've to pay the prize in the morning!!

2.) I have a (new)bike but are still using the car for each time I go out. (Also for distances shorter than a 5 minutes drive) such a bad habit!

3.) Because of point 2.... I'm not getting any thiner!

4.) I've got an addiction or better I've got two.
"Sewing quilts" and the "computer", that is since I started blogging!

5.) I like sweets, all kind of...cakes, chocolat, candy, cookies, etc.

6.) I'm an aquarius and they say I've got all the characteristics that belong to
this astrological sign. Hope they meant good characteristics!

7.) I like shopping! Not groceries...but anything else will do!

Well now wasn't that interesting... Now I've to pass this along to 7 others to share in the fun!
Oke...I've changed the rules a bit....
So get ready....If you have 7 things to share... consider yourself as just been tagged!

Have a lovely weekend!

Oct 16, 2007

log cabin

Now that the nights are getting colder it's time to finish of this quilt.
It's a log cabin I sew on the machine, the fast and easy way! I quilt by hand and I'm half done, so far.

log cabin

I quilt straight lines following the log cabin pattern.
In the borders I quilt a raster.

corner quilt

In the middle of each square I sew a little button.
These are old vintage ones!

log cabin detail

log cabin center
This would be a nice warm quilt for winter times. And the combination of this quilt with white bedding is lovely. I do love clean, fresh white bedding! So I better hurry up and get quilting!

Oct 12, 2007

It's not my birthday....

It's not my birthday..... but it sure feels like it is!
Today the mailwoman delivered a nice brown envelope on my doormat. In it was this beautiful pattern. I won this wedding star pattern at a drawing held at Patti's blog. Isn't she lovely...I'm so happy, thanks!

The second gift I received today is one my mother made for me. She knitted this so colourful scarf. I love it! Thanks mom!

new scarf

And for all the Quilt bloggers among us... see this post. She recently start blogging and it gave her so much inspiration, she just can't stop!
Have a very nice weekend everyone!

Oct 10, 2007

what's in the box.. (two)

Another week past by. This week was one of working nights and sleeping at daytime. When I work nights I never have much energie or time to do anything creative. It Feels a bit like being a mole! Almost no social life either!
I do like working nights though, it's quiet and I can follow my own routine.
And if there is time left, I do some knitting. Or my other favorite; glance through magazines and cut out 'clippings'.

I cut out clippings of pictures, patterns and other things I find interesting. I collect them in a box and when the box is full I sort the clippings out and put them in binders. This way I have my own books of inspiration!

Oh, and my knitted blanket is still growing!

knitted blanket

ps; I've been terribly behind in answering my emails. So if you haven't received a reply from me.....I'm not ignoring you! I'll open my mailbox tomorrow and start answering, that's a promise!!

Oct 3, 2007



Yesterday I made the binding around this little dollquilt. It was fun and easy sewing the blocks for this one. Maybe I'll make a big quilt too, some time?

Isn't this sweet! I bought these fabrics last saterday. My sister and me bought the same package. We both gonna make something from this fabric and don't show it to the other until it's finished. I can hardly wait to see what she's gonna make!
I also have a new toy, this easy to make yoyo's thing. And easy it is! The photo is a bit blurred, but believe me, the hearts really look great.